Saturday, October 31, 2009

Was that real manure? NOOOOOOO!!:) But CATAN will have his revenge!!!!!

Well I have to start this post with the EXCITEMENT OF ACTIVITY WEEK STARTING TOMORROW (SUNDAY)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) Let's start off with MONDAY NIGHT = SETTLER OF CATAN TOURNEY!!!!!!! Freakin AMAZING!!!!! If you've never heard of Settlers of Catan (like me going into the tourney) it's basically a combination of Monopoly, Risk, and an entirely unique game in itself!! Google it, it's an awesome strategy game!!!! Sooooooo being huge nerds Monday night, we had 5 tables with 4-5 people at each one, with the winner of each table going into the championship round!!!! Sadly I came in a gentleman's 4th out of 4 at my table!! Table E (my table) was Greg, Joy, Nicole, and myself!!!! And holy schnikee did I see an entirely NEW side of all 3 of them!!! Sooooooooo competitive and cut throat, it was AWESOME!!!!:) I think Nicole may have been a little perturbed with me and my loudness whenever something good or bad happened!!!! AND then we even had CONTROVERSY at our table!!! So the objective is to get 10 victory points; you can accumulate points by either: building houses, settlements, longest road, largest army, and development cards that have victory points on them!!! WELL that last one is where "SETTLERS OF CATAN CONTROVERSY '09" comes in to play!!!!!! Greg had 9 points and ended his turn, not realizing he had a victory card in his possession, he clearly stated his turn was done and then BAM played the card and claimed victory!!! This would not have been a big deal if Nicole wasn't about to win it on her turn which was NEXT!!!! WELL the Dave's (Boven/Wiebe) and Greg discussed the ruling with Boven and Greg agreeing you can play the card WHENEVER, and that's how they interpreted it in the rules book!! However, Wiebe disagreed and said you can play as many victory cards as you want ON YOUR TURN!!! Well sad story for Nicole, the Bovenmeister made the final decision and declared Greg the winner, with Wiebe and Nicole not too happy!!!!:) I just got out of there as fast as possible cause I thought there was going to be a Settler's Masacre at hand!!!! OF course it didn't help that during the entire last 15 minutes of the game Matt was pushing Nicole's buttons and Greg and I formed an alliance against Nicole!!!:) So Team Ramrod (Greg and I) claimed a TEAM VICTORY when he won!!!!:) Well after that INTENSE ending I went and played in the consolation game, while Greg went on to the Championship table!!! Yeah I didn't deserve to be in the consolation game, but being addicted I quickly ran over and claimed my spot!!!;) OH on top of everything there was SOOOOO much food!! Like 10 pizza's, 8 of them home made YUM, fruit, vegetables, drinks (juice), ANNNNNNND BOVEN'S HOMEMADE COOKIES!!!! Yeah they could sell them, seriously, they are amazing!!!!!:) The whole tourney started at 6pm and the Championship/Consolation round didn't even get done until 10:45pm!! IT was an awesome night!!!!!:) On the way home we walked along the Eyebrow, and I've never walked it at night, and let me tell you the view at one point of the path was BREATHTAKING!!!! Could see for miles upon miles AND all of Dehradun was lit up and beautiful!!!!!:) Well besides Monday night, the entire week kind of FLEW by!!! Staff night on Wednesday was NO WHERE near as fun as last week's, mostly because everyone was at the Class of '74 dance at Hanifl Centre, so it was basically Dave, Joy, Scott and myself playing 2 on 2 basketball for an hour!!!!! MORE OF THIS WEEK CONT....

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