Sunday, October 18, 2009

DIWALI IS A GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

HOLY SCHNIKEE I WAS SOOOOO PUMPED TO HEAR DIWALI WAS THIS WEEKEND!!!! My first thought was The Office and how HILARIOUS Dwight and Michael were at the Diwali celebration!!!!!!!! Sorry gang, no wedding proposals yesterday!!!!!;) Okay well Saturday morning (Diwali) I got up at 7:30am, which YES sadly is sleeping in for me now (usual wake-up of 4:45am)!!!!! Made some wonderful breakfast, and by made I mean pouring my milk on my honey oats cereal and TOASTING a bagel with my TOASTER!!! Which is still the BEST investment I have bought yet!!!!!!:) Ate breakfast then decided today was a perfect long run day!!! So after breakfast I put on my running shorts, tied up my shoes and just ran!!! I ran Northeast towards the Himalayan Weavers on Tehri Road, which if you don't live in Mussoorie, a road similar to Duluth's Jean-Duluth Rd. except WAY more extreme uphill and downhill!!! And if you don't know Duluth that well, ummmm GO visit Duluth and you'll know what I'm talking about!!!:) So ran that for a lovely/relaxing 1 1/2 hours!!! Haven't done that since I've been here!! So that felt AWESOME!!!:) Total mileage was 2.35 miles and an incline of almost 600 feet over my run!!:) Oh and that's at 6972 to 7562 feet ABOVE sea level!!!! Now comparing that to Grandma's Marathon of starting at 740 feet and finishing at 610 feet above sea level!!! YEAH just a little difference!!!:) After my run did some core workout and stretching on the little grass lawn we have in front of our Mt. Hermon complex!!! IN THE SUN!! AND from where I was you could SEE THE SNOW PEAKS OF THE HIMALAYA'S IN THE DISTANCE!!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!! After that met my fellow Woodstockians at Chaya Cafe and ate lunch around noon, then explored the bazaar a little to see the Diwali decorations!! Not a whole lot....YET!!! Just wait til night!!! After that we walked back and got ready for our HUGE HIKE to Witch's Hill, which took us all 45 minutes to reach the top from Hanson Field!! YEAH it was intense!!:) BUT once on top it was AMAZING!! We could see North, East, South, and a little West of us!! Almost a 360 view!!! On the top there was a meadow EXACTLY like Little House on the Prairie's ending where she jumps and they freeze!!!! WELL one of our hikers, who cause of embarassment will remain nameless, did that jump for a picture and TOTALLY crashed and burned the landing!! The weeds were really thick and their foot got caught in it and BAM hard landing stomach first!!!:) HILARIOUS!!!!:) After we reached the top Laura and Kate had to get back to Hanson for a little ultimate frisbee, but didn't want to go the exploratory way/the COOL new way down!!! So Cookie, Dave and I after eating our food the Hustwaite/Swanson's gave us (who were also up there) to enjoy left on the East side of Witch's Hill instead of North which is Laura and Kate's exit way!!!! We hiked down a very STEEP and loose graveled path which eventually lead us to the low road!!! Walked down the road and found the MINE Harvey told us about!! Dave and I, of course, had to go explore it!! Well we got about 20 feet into it when there was no more to explore!! We ran out of light and the end of it had a very small hole that went straight down, another day!!!!:) Arrived at Hanson by 3:45, BEAT Laura, in her face!!!! Played an INTENSE game of Ultimate Frisbee!!! By intense I mean 2 went down with injuries and I accidentally shoulder tackled Stephen by using him as my stopping device BUT he did not land on the ground just a HARD collision!!! However, Aman and I collided with him on the ground and me dragging him by his arm for a couple feet!!! HEY Hanson is freakin slippery!! Ask my relay partner Tim, who pulled a tendon in his foot on that grass!!! DANGEROUS!!! After ultimate, walked back up to SouthHill to visit the Hills and nothing was going on there like planned, so headed home made some tuna sandwhich and carrots for dinner!!! Was planning on heading back down to SouthHill to party BUT after the shower the long day finally caught up and I was exhausted!! SO crawled in bed with my pj's, started to write in my journal and was OUT by 9pm!!! YEAH EXTREME NIGHT!!!!:) THAT WAS DIWALI!!!! Oh and all that night it was BAM BOOM POW BAM BOOM fireworks constantly!!! Except it was just the loud cannon firing sounds, no actual works in the air making sweet lights!!!!! LAME!!!!! Or maybe there was later, who knows!!! But a very nice Diwali it was!!!!!!!!

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