Saturday, October 10, 2009

IT'S TAJ TIME!!!!!!:)

BEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEP!!!! It's that time to wake up and catch the 6:20am train from Delhi to Agra!!!!! Yeah it's freakin early and we get up and head out for the town that hold the most intriguing landmark in India: The Taj Mahal!! A question EVERYONE I know will ask when I get back is: how was the Taj Mahal!! When honestly, yes the Taj Mahal is very cool and amazing to go see, but at least for me personally I was/am WAY more excited for the Himalayas and overall views of Mussoorie than seeing the Taj!! The Taj is something you need to see when you visit India, no doubt, BUT once you've seen it, yeah never going back there again!!! Seen it done it!!! PLUS if you're not Indian it costs you 350 TIMES MORE than it does for Indian locals!!! Indian locals pay 10rp, I (and other non-natives) pay 750rp!! MESSED UP?!?! YEAH!!!:) That's 75 TIMES more that we have to pay!!! I can understand double the price or maybe even triple, but that much of a difference, come on!!! Any Indian government official when visiting America should DEFINITELY have to pay the price for that!! Cause it's just not the Taj as well they do that for, we had to pay the same ridiculous amount for the Agra Fort as well, and I'm sure other famous landmarks do the same thing!! When they come to America we should jack up our prices for them and see how they like it!!! Ridiculous!!! BUT anyways the Taj was amazing to see!!! When you first enter you do not realize how massive it is, then you see it and the people next to it from a distance looks like ANTS!!!!! It has to be at least 500 feet high!!!! The line though was probably the most entertaining part of the Taj!! Just like the Vatican, Washington DC, etc. there is a HUGE line to see inside the Taj!! Which I told Matt would be funny if all that was inside the Taj was an old man on a rocking chair hitting a rubber ball against the paddle and saying "HA! Sucks to be you!!":) But there wasn't sadly!! The line though, holy chaos!!!! No ropes or strings guiding people, we had to form our own lines!! And of course in India or anywhere that means COMPLETE PANDAMONIUM!!!! The guards there were LITERALLY pushing tourists/Indian natives around like punching bags!!!! This one man was carrying a child, and I'm like there's no way he's going to be pushed out of line......BAM pushed by the guard and he almost fell down the stairs!!! CRAZY!!! But so many people tried budging/succeeded at budging in line!!! Oh it is something you need to witness for yourself!! We get inside the Taj finally after an hour wait and it's pretty cool!! Inside you'll also have to see for yourself, not going to tell you!!!:) Also, no pics were allowed inside so don't try looking on my facebook to find out!!! HA!!! We leave the Taj around 4pm and decide to hit up the McDonald's in the BIG BAZAAR we saw on the way walking to the Taj!!! This place is the epiphony of a Western Mall!!! Stores forming a square in the center, little kids play place in the middle of the square, and of course and information kiosk!!! We ate at the McDonald's and then walked around the mall for a while!! Then with some spare time we decided we could make the Agra Fort as well, so we found ourselves an auto-rikshaw and drove to the Fort!!! The fort was amazing, not as amazing as the Taj, but it was up their!! Take Fort Snelling and multiply the overall area by 4, that was the size of Agra Fort!!!! IT WAS HUGE!!!! You could literally fit 4 Fort Snellings in it, and we only got to see 1/4th of it!!! LAME!! But it was very detailed and a lot more spiritual than I anticipated!!!:) After Agra Fort we needed to head back to the train station to catch our 2 hour train ride back home again!! So for the last time we called upon our trusty auto-rikshaw and rode back to the train station!!! There we took the train back to Delhi and met up with Megan at the Metropolis!!! She didn't come with us cause she already saw the Taj, and there really is NOTHING to do in Agra except that or barter all day!! Which she could easily do in Delhi!! We got home, stayed up watching some movies then headed to bed, ready for another 5am wake-up to catch our 6:20am train back to Dehradun!!!

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