Saturday, October 10, 2009

Quarter Break cont......!!:) PART 2!!!!

We talked with the guy behind the desk and he would not budge, and neither did us!!! So we thought hey, it's only 100rp more a night for each of us, whatever let's pay it and never come back here again after this vacation is over with!!!!:) Got our room key, headed up stairs to our room, and when we walked in we were pleasantly suprised about the niceness that was our room!!!! 1 KING size bed, 2 mini couches, a tv, air conditioning, bathroom, AND fridge!! All of this for 400rp a night, which is about $8!!!:) Yeah suck on that Motel 8 and your "cheap prices"!!! This was also considered a "suite" room!! Which it clearly was!!!:) Okay so being Thursday, our first day in Delhi, it was freakin HOT as heck and we were not used to it yet, so when we got to our room we decided hey let's take a quick 2 hour nap in the nice air conditioned room and refresh our motors!!!! We lay in bed until like 4pm and finally decide to go out and explore Delhi!!!:) Hey it's vacation DON'T JUDGE!!! We get this really cool driver who takes us to the Humayun Tomb, which is considered the baby Taj, a little preview to the Taj on Saturday!!! It was really cool and really amazingly built!!! After walking around for an hour we decided to get some food, and Megan mentioned earlier this restaraunt called "The Big Chille"!! It serves primarily Western food, very similar to the Clock Tower Cafe, but way more expensive!!! We go and the food is AMAZING!!! I had lasagna, cheesey garlic bread, fruit smoothie, AND an OREO CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE!!! All for the cheap price of 900rp!!! Compared to a regular meal in Mussoorie, it's about DOULBE the price!! A regular meal in Mussoorie at a nice eatery is around 3-4oorp!!:) So it's the Olive Garden of Delhi!!! Went home after stuffing our faces and watched MORTAL KOMBAT while passing out from tiredness!!!! The plan for Friday was to wake up early, see the Red Fort, grab lunch and come back to the hotel and eat it!! Well it was Ghandi's Birthday so basically EVERYTHING was shut down!!! AND we didn't even wake up until 11am!! That felt awesome!! We had in mind what we wanted to do for lunch, and that was go to this really Western type grocery store, buy ACTUAL ham and bread and bring it back to the hotel and pig out!! Well it was about a 50/50 chance this place would be open because of Ghandi's birthday!! We arrived in the bazaar where this place was located, saw that 50% of the stores were closed and thought with our luck it will be closed, and BAM IT WAS OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!:) Got our food, headed back to the hotel where we spent the entire afternoon up until dinner time laying on the bed and eating our Western lunch/snacks!!!! It was amazing!!! Friday night we called up a friend who lived in Delhi and she showed us around her place which was by the US Embassy, which is where she worked!!! We went to this restaraunt called Chalos, and had exquisite lamb and chicken!!!! After that we walked around the very Western type bazaar and called it a night due to the EXTREME earliness we had to get up at for the train to Agra tomorrow!!! That coming up NEXT.....don't go anywhere!!:)

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