Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nope not caught up yet!!!:)

The funny thing about the move was, within 1 week I was COMPLETELY settled in an feeling right at home at Mt. Hermon!! WHEN the first 3 months I was here and living at Monte Cristo, yeah not feeling like at home at all!!! I mean I bought rugs, towels, FOOD, more towels for Mt. Hermon, nothing was bought for Monte Cristo!!! I think I just felt like, Monte Cristo wasn't a for sure 3 year stay, where as Mt. Hermon definitely feels like this is "home" for 3+ years now!!!!:) AND THE BEST PART OF MT. HERMON APT. #5 IS I have this steel beam on my ceiling in my living room, PERFECT for pull-ups!!!! Granted the grip isn't ideal, BUT toughens you up right!!!;) And I have a rug on the floor, perfect for core work-outs!! It's my own living room/workout area!!!! OH YEAH!!! A PE teachers perfect living room!!!!;) Feeling right at home now I can finally focus on why I'm here, TEACHING!!!! With CC done and accomplished our next big task at hand was preparing for Track and Field season, which coincidentally started 2 weeks after CC InterHouse!! So all the TIME in the world to practice and get ready for that!!!:) Our first major event we had to prepare for was the 1500 Meter Finals!! The next Saturday after I moved!! Do you see how weekends are filling up with NO free time yet?!!?:) The 1500 Meter Finals were races for sub-jr.'s-senior divisions!! So basically 6-12 graders were running in these races!! The day was luckily shorter than CC day!!! Since it was ONLY one event and a shorter race compared to CC, it went from 8-12pm!!! During the next 2 weeks, in addition to finishing the 1500 meter races, we needed to finish other PD (predetermined) Events before Sports Day, cause there was NO WAY we could fit every single track and field event on one day with all those division and students competing!!!! Thus for 2 weeks we held practices after school down at Hanson Field until dinner time!! Basically the school day was from 6:30-6pm!! Oh and I forgot to mention after we opened the gym officially we opened the fitness room in the mornings from 6:30-7:30, which on every Tuesday/Thursday Matt and I supervise!!! ALSO meaning in order for me to get my run and workout in I start at 4:45am!!!! OH those runs are amazing!! Under the moon-->into a beautiful sunrise around the Chukkar!!! With the sun rising from behind the mountains, all I see is the outline of the Himalayan mountain line!!! Ummmm yeah kinda amazing!!!!:) Kinda beats Duluth's morning runs of mini hills and country!!! BUT in the winter I will definitely miss those -40 degree runs with -60 degree wind chills!!! Puts hair on the chest after completing those!!!!:) So with the full days, one can get pretty tired when coming home!!!!;) Anyways, we had Sports Day practices for a week straight THEN had our PD Field event finals the week of Quarter Break and the following week up to Sports Day itself!!!! Now I said in their the week of Quarter Break.....

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