Sunday, October 18, 2009


Friday morning!!!! The skies are mostly blue and beautiful!!!! The smell of competition is in the air and Woodstock is feeling it!!!!:) The Woodstock students are dressed uniformly in their black and gold Woodstock track suits (looking VERY spiffy)!!! Opening ceremonies start at 9:30am sharp with a couple speeches from esteemed guests and the principal of Wyneberg-Allen (the host of the 12th InterSchool Sports Day/ "Olympics")!!! After the speeches, as seen in the picture, the 4 schools get in marching lines and march the track once then assemble as seen above!!! Now in India marching is a HUGE deal!!! W.A., Waverly Covenent (all girls school), and St. George's College (all guys school) practice marching everyday!!! Woodstock.......we practiced once, and that was Tuesday, 3 days before Sports Day!! So needless to say for the practice we had, we NAILED IT!!!:) The set-up of the day was very similar to our InterHouse Sports Day, track would run their races while the field events would do their thing in the middle!!! As a school Woodstock placed 3rd in both boys and girls divisions!!! Which I have to mention was out of 3 schools!! YEAH!!! YOU KNOW IT!!!!:) Hey for the practice we had, that is exactly what we expected and could hope for!! We had fun!! Individiually we had some very nice performances from our women, and some younger division boys!!!!!! But like I said at least we had a blast being there!!! During lunch time I was invited to the V.I.P. lunch where ALL the big whigs eat lunch and the view from their cafeteria was equally as amazing from our tea garden at Woodstock!!!! You could see for miles!!!!! W.A. sits right on the edge of the hill due North of Dehradun, so it's a pretty incredible view during October and November!!!!!! After Sports Day was done with you could see a BIG sigh of relief from Ajay and myself, BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING NOW UNTIL NEXT SEMESTER!!!! CC's and Sports Day's are DONE WITH!!!! We can actually focus primarily on teaching again!!!:) Not that we weren't before, but now it's ALL teaching!!!;) Friday night I stopped over at Jenny's and Megan's to see what they were up to and BAM hello birthday party for one of their/our students!!!! It was a blast!!!:) But once they left at 9pm to be back for check-in the adults had our fun with a little pre-Diwali celebration with watching THE DIWALI EPISODE OF THE OFFICE on the Mr. and Ms. Farley's projector!!! NOW I say Ms. Farley, even though it is Mrs., because all of the students that were there for the birthday party called Nicole Ms. Farley, because they thought Chris and Nicole were just dating, and they happened to have the same last name!! It was HILARIOUS!!!!:) And I think one even thought they were brother and sister!!! PRICELESS!!!!!:) So we watched 3 episodes of The Office: Diwali, Gay Witch Hunt, and Summer Lose Weight Challenge (where JIM ASKS PAM TO MARRY HIM!!!) (in your face Jay)!!!!!:) IT WAS A PERFECT PRE-NIGHT TO DIWALI!!!! WHICH WAS ON SATURDAY!!!!!! More of that too come......

p.s. AT SPORTS DAY ON FRIDAY, in the morning their song that was playing in the background was the whistling song from GREAT ESCAPE!!!! That's right my hiking crew, OUR HIKING WHISTLING SONG WAS THEIR MAIN THEME!!!!!!! HECK YES!!!!!;) I have video which I'll have to show you!!!!! Everyone else, I'll explain this when you're older!!!:)

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