Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playing catch up is fun!!!!:)

Soooooooo that was our Cross Country season!! Basically over a span of 2 weeks!! Which as I'm starting to learn real quickly, most of our sports, except soccer and basketball (go figure) are about 2 weeks in length!!! OH and the BIGGEST EVENT PROBABLY THIS ENTIRE YEAR HAPPENED THE DAY BEFORE INTERSCHOOL CROSS COUNTRY!! That of course being our GYM OPENING!!!!!! The New Gym at Woodstock officially opened September 18th, 2009!!!! We had a very nice ceremony in the main part of the gym with the Mumby-Downs families in attendance (the 2 biggest contributors) giving their speeches and whatnot!!! THEN after the ceremony we had a tour of the gym for everyone, and of course EXCELLENT food for dinner!!! We apparently flew in chefs from all over India, making North, South, and Eastern Indian food!!! It was amazing!!! This was definitely bigger than India's Independence Day celebrated at Woodstock, which was funny to think about!!!!;) After dinner was my favorite part: DANCE PARTY IN THE GYM!!!!! All of the staff received yellow jackets for FREE and were wearing them Friday!! So at the dance party it was this big circle of yellow dancing awesomely and very smoothly as well!!!!!:) We all stayed until 9:30ish, when at that point our old age started to kick in and most of us left between 9:30-10!!! Mostly because we had to get up at 7am the next day to help volunteer for Cross Country races!!!!! So that takes up through the middle of September with big events!!!! The next HUGE event in my life would have to be the very next weekend after CC, and that is my moving from Monte Cristo Apt. to Mt. Hermon Apt. #5!!!!!!!!!! The reason being is Woodstock wanted my place at Monte Cristo for a family, since it had 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms!!! I was hesistant at first on moving cause I was nice and settled, BUT then they said the magic words: Hobit Hole!!!!:) Apt. #5 at Mt. Hermon is called the Hobit Hole, and with good reason too!!! I checked out the apartment after the CC races and it is AWESOME!!! The doors are 4.5 ft tall, so I need to bend down just to walk around my house, and the best part yet is the complex has INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) Which I am using right now to update this blog!!!:) So I moved into my NEW APARTMENT the following weekend!! It took me exactly 3 hours to pack EVERYTHING I own and move!!! When it took easily 3+ days to get ready for India!!! Weird how that works!!! How my entire life here can be moved within 3 hours!!! The later part of that Saturday I unpacked all of my things but didn't really get settled in (unpacked and organized) until Sunday, after my trip to the bazaar!!! MY life continued...

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