Saturday, October 10, 2009

End of Quarter Break to NOW/PRESENT/CURRENT!!!!!:)

We wake up at a lovely 5am to pack all of our things and check-out of the Metropolis, which in the end turned out to be a pretty decent hotel, and for the quality of the room we stayed in 1600 wasn't too bad, BUT still not going there again due to principal!!!;) 6:20 we arrive at the New Delhi train station to catch our 6:50am train out of here!!! The 6 hour train ride went by super fast, half the time we either were sleeping, reading, or doing fitness programs!! Of course I was the only one doing the fitness programs!!!;) After exiting the train station in Dehradun, it was a Woodstock reunion it appeared!! AT LEAST 40 different Woodstockians we saw from Dehradun train station to Woodstock main gate!!! Most of them (students) we saw at the McDonald's we ate at in Dehradun before heading up the winding roads of Mussoorie!!! Once unpacked from the taxi Megan and I chilled in the LL for a while until dinner, which was EVER so good!! RICE AND DAL, yummmmmmmmmm it's good to be back!!!!:) Then called it a night and headed home!!! Since quarter break it's been ALL prep for Sports Day which happened yesterday (Friday)!!!! Monday, not Tuesday (rain), and Wednesday was finishing up the PD Final events!!! On Thursday there was NOTHING AT ALL after school for the first time in a while, because they had to get the field ready for Friday!!!! I took FULL advantage of this and went and got some much needed moola from the bank and groceries from the bazaar!!!! I've been wanting to do this since Sunday and nothing was going to stop me!!!!!:) I got all of my things, INCLUDING FRESH WARM BAGELS FROM CHAI CAFE!!!!!! That's right oven fresh bagels!! I had one and it was the BEST thing I've tasted in India so far!!! Yeah I'm Western whatever!!!!! You can take me out of America but you will NEVER take my love for bagels out of me!!! Bagels, cereal, and fresh fruit could be my meals for the rest of my life and it would be AMAZING!!!!!:) Continuing on, I arrived back at school and waited around there until 6:20 when I headed over to the Mark's for some dinner!!! There place, which I've been over there once before, is so amazing!!! Definitely you could tell they've been settled in for a very long time!!! 25+ years long time!!!:) For dinner we had CHICKEN BALLS!!! An Indian version of meatballs!!!!:) Still, nothing will ever beat my grandma's meatballs, potatoes, green bean caserole, AND rolls!!!! But the chicken balls were pretty decent, especially since they were mixed in with these very splendid tasting potato slices!!!:) There was also rice, more chicken, and some other Indian foods I will not even ATTEMPT to spell or sound out!!!!:) DESSERT was equally AMAZING!!! Sanjaya made this DELICIOUS apple crumbler, WITH ice cream (vanilla or butterscotch)!!! I had 3 slices of apple crumbler with 2 scoops of butterscotch and one vanilla!!!! A perfect ending to a delicious meal!!!:) Moving right along to Friday (yesterday) iiiiiiiiiiiiit's SPORTS DAY!!!!!!!! SLEPT IN until a wonderful 7am, hey when waking up at 4:45am everyday, yeah that's sleeping in so back off!!!! And yes it's my choosing so I'm not complaining, just explaining!!! Walked outside to a BEAUTIFUL FRIDAY MORNING!! Now it has been raining the past 4 days, so we were worried about it raining and ruining our field, BUT not a cloud in the sky!! PERFECT WEATHER BABY!!!!:) Arrived at Hanson Field around 7:30 and helped get the field in order!! We had the: shotput, high jump, long jump, 100 mt, and track all set-up by 8:30am!!!! So yeah there were still a LOT of events to be had!!! Similar to CC InterHouse, there was bonus points awarded to the house with most spirit, so again students showed up in their colors, face paint, signs, AND the Eagles and Merlins even had MASCOTS!!! It was hilarious!! Dave Boven was dressed up like a Merlin by his student, HILARIOUS!!! And Eriko was dressed up like an Eagle!!!! All very impressive!!!!! Events started and my position for the day was Chief Timer!! So my timing crew and I were timing races alllll day!! I had 2 different crews, an a.m. and a p.m.!!!! They were equally good crews!! Lunch was served down at Hanson and after lunch was the relay portion of the day!! The 4 x 100 (4 people running 100 meters each)!!! We also had a Relay Invitational where 3 other schools (W.A., WC, and St. G) showed up to race against our best teams!! Yeah, similar to CC, we got SMOKED!!! Hey just wait for basketball season!! That's OUR sport right there baby!!!!!! Ajay's pride and joy!!! The very last part of the day was by the far the most fun!!! STAFF RELAY!!! Now in the past, Ajay told me, each staff house provides one team to race against each other!! The women did this, having 1 team per house!! Now the men being a little more competitive and active, I know surprising!!!! Men acting like that!! The Eagles AND Merlins alone had 3 teams each!!! While the Condors only had 1, which apparently all they needed!! Cause for the 4th or 5th straight year in a row Ajay's Condor's relay team took gold!! AND THEY ACTUALLY RECEIVED MEDALS!!!! Now my Eagles team consisted of 3 very tall men, I figured with long strides we'd have an excellent chance, like Usian Bolt!!! However, and I felt sooo bad for Tim, Tim our 3rd leg pulled either a tendon or fractured a bone coming around the last bend before handing the baton off to me, the anchor!!! SO our team finished dead last sadly, but more sadly was Tim injuring his foot, cause he felt soooo bad that happened!!! That was a bummer ending to a very FUN day, and Tim was looking so forward to running!! Well sports day ended with an awards ceremony!! Which by the way the EAGLES WON THE SPIRIT AWARD FOR THE 2nd STRAIGHT YEAR!! AND ALSO WON THE HIGH SCHOOL INTERHOUSE SPORTS DAY AWARD!! Meaning we had the most points at the end of the day out of ALL the events combined!! A WIN WIN WIN SITUATION!!!!!! However, out of EVERYTHING, and all that happened on Sports Day my favorite moment BY FAR, was Kritika coming 2nd in the 400 meter race!!! I'll explain that reason coming up....

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