Sunday, March 13, 2011

Win a Race???????!!!!!!!!!

As I sit here, about to put in "Chariots of Fire" for the umteenth number of times, I'm thinking to myself...... I need an ultimate 5 year goal!!!!!! So a goal SO BIG, SO UNHEARD OF (for me) that I HAVE to dedicate my  time and energy towards it!!!! I was thinking of this past November and the New Delhi Half Marathon!! Marathons are almost now a thing of the past, I will run one once a year, but half marathons have caught my eye, especially the New Delhi Half!!!! Mainly because it's 8 hours away and very convenient!!!! But also, because it's in India, a place I call home now, and where I have my career!!!! What would be more fitting to set my ultimate physical 5 year goal then....................

Finish Top 10 Overall at the New Delhi Half Marathon!!!!!!!!!!

Now this is no easy task!! Mainly because I have never finished Top 100 before in a major race, let alone Top 50!!!! So Top 10, well holy crap!!! BUT with the will and passion for running I do believe it can be done!!! "Born a Runner" my butt!!! More like "Born with Heart" is what makes someone accomplish their goals!!!!! And without heart, who would we be but scarecrows walking around on Earth!!!! So there you have it Planet Blog, for the next 5 years my mind, body, and mental focus will be on New Delhi and finishing Top 10 in the next 5 years!!! I would say by year 3 we'll see if Top 10 is realistic!!!! BRING IT ON 5 YEARS!!!!!!!! BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For this to be accomplished here are some mini goals I will be achieving along the way:

  • Run a 2hr 45min marathon (qualify for Boston FINALLY)!!
  • Bring weight down to a balanced 175 (currently 182)
  • Body fat % down to 5 (currently 8.7)
  • Run New Delhi Half Marathon in 1hr 15min next year!!
  • Cut down on sugar and fats (especially on weekends!!)
  • Run, minimum, 6 days a week (at least 35 miles a week)!!
  • Continue to find time to have fun during the day!!!!:)

EYE OF THE TIGER!!!!!!!!!!!:)


Thursday, March 3, 2011

March Madness!!!!:)

Well as you all might have realized it is the END of February and the beginning of a NEW month!!!!!:) As I wrote in February, I offered a challenge to the BLOG world to make new fitness goals for the end of February and then see you if accomplished them!!! IT is that time to look back at Feb and see if you did them or not, if not then maybe you worked really hard and could almost get there but need 1 more month to accomplish it!! Then heck repeat it for March!!! Whatever your active goals may be it is time to set NEW March Goals and see if you can keep up the hard work this month, like February!!! IT'S GOALS TIME!!!!:)

1. Be able to complete the "300" workout in 25 minutes with ALL reps completed
2. Have 2 Saturday workouts at the gym/home
3. Run at least 35 miles a week

Alright PLANET EARTH!!! IT's your turn to make your new goals this month and get active!!!!! HAPPY SMILING AND HAPPY ACTIVITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):)

p.s. March is  going to be a FANTASTIC MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):):)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):)