Sunday, October 24, 2010

ACTIVITY WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well everyone I would just like to bid you ADUE (or however the French spell it)!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS THE BEGINNING OF ACTIVITY WEEK AND I WILL BE AWAY FROM ALL TYPES OF COMMUNICATION/TECHNOLOGY FOR 1 WEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAVE A FANTASTICO WEEKEND AND WEEK EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR THE NEXT TIME I WILL MAKE CONTACT WITH YOU IT'LL BE 1 WEEK LATER!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah that's 3rd grade math right there!! BAM!!!!! MATH SERVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) See you all in 1 WEEK AND HAPPY SMILING!!!!!!!!!



Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nothing but you and the ground beneath your feet!!!!!!!!:)

"And just ran!"

Friday night it was exhaustion city over here!!! It has been a full week, 2 weeks, 3 MONTHS, of constant sports practices and preparations for Cross Country Inter House, Inter School, Sports Day Inter House, Inter School and it has either been practices up at the Chakkar or practices down at Hanson Field!! Either way it's an extreme UP or an extreme DOWN!!!! Plus prepping for Health and PE classes!!! Now this blog is not to moan or complain of all the work, in fact I love it, because it keeps me busy and motivated!!! Back to this weekend and my plans going in to it!!! It was basically going to be a relaxing, lazy, nothing but couch laying and a little work for Sports Day weekend!!! It really turned out to be the EXACT opposite of that!! Friday night was 4 loads of laundry, Saturday was running 12 miles in the morning, followed by a hike to Flag Hill with some sunset Yoga, Sunday was running 11 miles in the morning, followed by singing at church for staff choir and then lunch at Chardhukan!!!!!! But you know what, it WAS a relaxing weekend!! Why? Because I got to run, and I ran, and I ran far!!!!! There really are no words to describe the feeling you have when you run for so long except possibly peaceful, reflective, and at one with yourself!!! Those 2 links up above relate to a deep deep down dream and passion I have!!! One day, be in 5 years or 10 years I would love to just stop everything, run out the door and not stop for however long I feel like running!!! Granted if I have a family when I do it, they could come with and be my pit crew!!! But the feeling to have nothing but running on the mind and the sites and sceneries to be seen while running would be AMAZING!!!!!!!:) I keep coming back to my bigger years in 5th-10th grade and I'm fairly positive that's where the passion to run such long distances come from!!! I could NEVER run more than 1/2 a mile without stopping or getting completely winded!! And now any run under 5 miles feels like failure or not a good run!!!

"I just felt like running"

Another thing I love to combine with running is charity!!! And it would be such an added bonus if whilst running for such a long time it would be for charity!!! Like every mile I complete a person would donate $1 or something!!!! Of course ALL proceeds would go towards EDUCATION!!!!! Seeing around the world is a struggle for school funding!!!! Maybe its just crazy talk and could never happen, but what is life if deep deep down we don't have a passion or ambition to do something that one day could possibly come true!!!! If you have nothing to aim for, to strive for, then what are we???? Monkeys??? Its those crazy dreams and ambitions that keeps someone going!! Without them life would be lost and have no purpose!!!! Also running for me is equal to that of someone going to therapy!!!! Having such clarity in thinking while running is the best feeling ever!!! Your endorphines are pumping and your brain is working with precision!!!!! Who knows maybe one day I'll open the door, start running, and find myself 4000 miles away home after 2 years!!!!!:) Then again my life could be feeling complete and the need to run will be a little laid back and not so extreme!!!! Life is a journey so you may make the best out of it!!! BEST RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) Have a fantastic rest of the weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY SMILING AND HAPPY RUNNING ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

6 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IN 6 WEEKS THE NEW DELHI HALF MARATHON WILL BE SOUNDING THE STARTING PISTOL!!!!!!!! It's been 5 1/2 freakin years since I've ran a half and COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!! It'll be very weird, just like the Paavo Nurmi Marathon to not have family there cheering me on!!!!! That's one thing that I found very special to me, is having those loved ones, even if you saw them for a couple of seconds maybe 3 or 4 times along the way, standing on the sidelines cheering their hearts out for you!!!!! Finishing the race is the a great memory, but the greatest of all is looking for family and finding them with a big smile on their faces because they are so proud of you!!!!!!:) Those looks will last a lifetime!!!!!!! For all those out there who have family come and watch you run, you know exactly what I'm talking about!!!! For all of those who still have that chance, live every second of that moment, because you don't know what you're missing until you move HALF WAY ACROSS THE WORLD and lose that opportunity!!!!!! I think that is one of the reasons I'm so pumped to run the Jolly 5k in December, not only to run it WITH MY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But to see my family once again, on the route, cheering and showing me the love they have!!!!!!! It's truly special and I am so blessed to have such an amazing and loving family!!!!!!!! I miss you guys and I cannot WAIT to see you December 16th, 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As for now, my Woodstock family and I have a HALF MARATHON TO RUN/CHEER FOR ON NOVEMBER 21st!!!!!!!!!!!!:) BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goal time for Half: 1 hour 20 minutes!!!

We learn and grow from failure. What happened in Finland will never happen again. Its time to take what has been growing inside of me (determination) and let it ERUPT at the New Delhi Half Marathon!! I fear for all those running, because come November 21st, they will see a Flying Finn........determined.......fearless........and with that EYE OF THE TIGER that has been missing for so long!!!!! IT'S GO TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LET'S DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

And we'll see you........tomorrow night!!!!!!!!!!!

Ask any Minnesotan about this phrase and they will tell you EXACTLY what this means!!!!! For all you non-Twins fans please watch/even if you're a Twins fan PLEASE watch!!!!

"Into deep left center....for Mitchell......annnnnnnd we'll see you......tomorrow night" - Joe Buck

Now all your Kirby fanatics out there, I dare you to watch this the first time without shedding some tears/flowing some tears!!!!!:) Being in India the past 16 months has been fantastic!!! But for some reason, in the past month there has just been days like this where not being home in Minnesota right now is killing me!!! Like even watching this I have been balling my eyes out!!!! Mainly because Kirby was my childhood hero, like a lot of Minnesota kids!! Everyone wanted to be just like Kiiiiiiiiiirby Puckett!!! The way he played the game was inspirational and with heart and determination!!!!!! I think one of the saddest days of my childhood was hearing the retirement of Kirby Puckett!!! I know it sounds lame and stupid, but to look up to a guy so much and too see him in tears because he's being forced to leave the game that he loves for his entire life was so emotional!!!! This is a guy who went out every single game and played his heart out, "like it was his last game," and it was such an inspiration to watch!!!! For all that don't know Kirby died March 6th, 2006 and I can still remember that memorial service like it was yesterday.  I was up at UMD during it, otherwise I would have definitely been there to pay my respects to the GREATEST Minnesota athlete of all time!!!! Thousands of Minnesotans and Twins were packed into the Dome to pay respect.  They played this wonderful video with the song "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong (Kirby's favorite song)!!!

It's really tough being in India right now, with the Twins in the playoffs and not being able to watch it!!! I remember going to the games with my dad, keeping score on the scorecard, at the Dome!!! Or going to the games with friends in the $4 seats with $1 dome dog Wednesdays!!!!! Its those moments in life that you treasure for the rest of your life!! No matter what, memories like those last a life time!!! Which is why its so hard right now, so close to being home, so close to seeing friends and family again, so close to hugging the ones I've loved for my entire life and haven't been able to in the past 16 months, so close to flat out being a TRUE MINN-E-FREAKIN-SOTAN AGAIN!!!!!!!:) 2 MONTHS AND 10 DAYS!!!!! But I am so blessed to have my Woodstock family and friends who are there for me to help me realize home is where you make it, and without them what would this experience be!?!? Having a loving/amazing girlfriend, caring friends, wonderful students that make me smile every single cannot get better than this!!! It definitely helps me through the tough times that will be the next 2 months!!! So wherever you are right now Kirby, probably at Heaven's stadium hitting some homeruns for the crowd, thank you for not only inspiring me to have the energy like you had every single game, but to do it with the BIGGEST smile around!!!!!:) To all those you touched when you were alive, we appreciate and miss the heck out of you!!! Rest in Peace Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiirby Puckett!!!!!! And for old times sake: TOUCH 'EM ALL KIRBY PUCKETT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)




Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The MUCH anticipated Quarter Break is now complete!!!!!! A 7 out of 10 experience!!!!!:)

1:14 pm!!!!! 1 minute before the final bell of a quarter rings and quarter break officially starts!!!!!! 3..........2..........1............QUARTER BREAK (we all yell)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HECK YES TO QUARTER BREAK STARTING AT 1:15pm Friday October 1st, 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) And the first thing I do on quarter break....... YELL AT ALL THE STUDENTS TO GO HOME AND GO ON BREAK!!!!! GYM CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) It was a joking type of a yell, cool out!!!!!!!!!!;) First thing after getting out of the school grounds was run home real quickly and get prepared for the weekend ahead!!! Packed up some minor clothes and other livable accessories and was back out the door to meet S and head for the buz!!!!!:) We head off and split our ways at the Clock Tower, because I had to start my run down to Rajpur to get some fresh OVEN BAKED PIZZA and she had to get some things in the bazaar!!!!! I made it down to Rajpur's Chaya in 1 hour 1 minute and 24 seconds!!!! Not too shabby with the MASSIVE amount of shrubbery and prickly bushes I had to chop through when I got to the nature trail!!! There were times when the path was LITERALLY covered and impossible to see!!! My legs are an unfortunate victim of the slashing and cutting that occurred!!!! Seriously they were burning and red all over!!!!:) But pain aside, arrived to Chaya, ordered a DELICIOUS chicken pizza and was back on my way within the hour!!!! Left Mussoorie at 3:05, arrived at Chaya at 4:06, and was on my stomach stuffed way by 5:06pm!!!! THANKFULLY S had to go to the bazaar, which pushed me to leave earlier, for the trip back up was, AGAIN, another cud climbing adventure and I needed all the light I could use!!!!:) Now there are 2 ways to get back up the path to civilization!! A right way and wrong way!! As you may guess what is coming, otherwise why would I go into detail about it, I accidentally missed my turn for the immediate up and correct path, and kept on going straight which of course is the WRONG and LOWER path!! My first red light should have been the lack of stone and gravel, because if I was on the right path I would have had a severe incline with plenty of loose gravel!! NOPE didn't see that, but assumed it was coming!!! Secondly, on the correct path there are these old cement steps in the ground when the British used to use this as their "highway"!!! NOPE didn't see that on this path!! Thirdly, and this was the final tell there is a left bend in the path that cuts through the hillside to go off to the right and up!!! If I was on the correct path, this bend that I saw would be cutting through the hillside.......NOPE no cut!! Just a CRAP load more of bushes and pricklies!!! Oh and another OBVIOUS give-away I should have realized back then is I went over 4 rock slides!! On my way down I went over 1 easy one!! 3 of these rock slides I came a foot away from sliding down the rocks and falling a pleasant 50 feet to probably a broken leg!! DON'T WORRY DIDN'T FALL!!! Expert hiker when getting lost!! Have lots of experience in this field!!!! So I get to this bend that should have cut through the hillside if I was on the right path and thought, crapola definitely on the lower path!! Luckily I knew EXACTLY where I needed to go: UP..............UP.................UP and away!!!!!! I had to cud climb!!!!! Now this may sound dangerous, but in reality you're going up a hill through bushes!! Not that hard!! Until you get to parts that freakin bushes are surrounding you and the only option is to army crawl on the ground up the hill, then it turns fun!! Which I only had to do 3 times!!!! So I climb up the cud (hillside) which takes about 6-7 minutes!!! Branches are poking me every which way, leaves are slapping my face around, and I'm pretty sure the prickly bushes saw me coming and uprooted and moved to my path because I was COVERED in the them!! SO comfortable when you're going commando and the friction of the legs are ever so frictiony!!!! I make it to the exact point I thought I would come out at, and climbed up the brick wall to VICTORY AND ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL DETOUR OF BUSHWHACKING!!!!!! GO TEAM TALISMAN!!!!!!!!!;) Meanwhile my goal of getting back to Mussoorie in 2 hours has now been put on sidetrack and my goal at this point was to make it to road before dark!!! I make it to civilization/cement just before the sun sets (which was covered with FOG AND CLOUDS)!!! The rest of the walk home was a piece of cake!! It was very peaceful and nice!!! These walks, stressful at points, are so nice to have in life!!! Think about anything and everything!!! Certain people, certain moments, or even the future!!! Whatever it is, it is your thoughts, the world, and quietness!!!!:) I stop over and hang out with S for a little bit to tell her my pleasant story/adventure!!!!! The next day we (S and I) planned for a nice RELAXING day!!! Basically lounging around, talking all day, ate some lunch, and did nothing!!! It was AWESOME!!!! From being on a schedule for 3 straight months (including weekends) having a Saturday of nothingness makes all that hard work pay off for that one day of relaxation!!!!!;) Also, BONUS, it was with S which you cannot go wrong there!!!!!:) We had some amazing talks all the way up to dinner time!!! Which we decided to go out to Rokeby for a lovely dinner!!! The walk up and back down was freakin spectacular!!!!! Talked about this, that, and others!!!!!! Sunday was another relaxing day!!!! Layed out in the sun having an ice cream picnic with S, R, and M!!!! With J in the chair being on "duty"!!!!!!!! And yes if I used their full names that would give away who I am dating, SO, again NOT going to mention any names!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!! Hey I already gave you the first initial to either her first or last name!!! Go from there!!!!!!!!!!!:) Pretty soon it may be 2 letters!!!!!!! Then Monday came and this was Dehradun Monday, not only for S and I, but ALL OF WOODSTOCK it seemed!!!!! Everyone was down at Dehradun when we went!!! We were supposed to be mystery guests and critique FabIndia and how they helped us, knew their stuff, and the overall layout!! Needless to say it was a blast!!!! Got some Nehru jackets which one will be worn TOMORROW at Parent/Teacher conferences!!!!:) Along with some other things!!!! Then after Fab we headed to McD's for some lunch and then Nerula's for ICE CREAM!!!!!!! We were up in the air if we should go back up or do something else in Dehradun!!! Luckily S knew of this Tibetan temple (the largest Shupta in the world) and we decided to go there!! It was AWESOME!!!!! Very peaceful and had this beautiful banyan tree!!! Which I'm looking forward to seeing plenty of those this winter break!!!!!!;) We walked around and went inside the Shupta!! It was AMAZING!!!! So many intricate paintings along the walls and so many stories being told!!! There were two levels to it, bottom and top!! The bottom God looked very evil and angry, not very peaceful at all!! But the top floor had a more soothing and peaceful God!!!! An excellent place to relax and pray!!!!! After that we headed back up to Mussoorie to relax and talk some more!!!!!!!!:) Even on the ride up we told some really fun childhood stories!!!!! I think the coolest thing about dating someone is really getting to know everything about them, past, present and their future ambitions/goals!!!!! Today was laundry day and had some major dirty clothes pile-up in my room!!!! So did that, lounged around the house instead of going for a run!!! Hey it was still quarter break give ME a break dang it!!!!!!:) And then tonight went to the Opening Ceremonies of the Mussoorie Writer's Conference!!!! The GOVERNATOR OF UTTARKHAND was even here to begin the ceremonies!!! Except I must say, her entrance was very classy but dull!!! Kinda expecting her to ZIP LINE from the top balcony, whilst strobe lights and spotlights are going back and forth, all while Eye of the Tiger (our school song) is playing in the background!!!! And then her bodyguards would come via trampolines on stage doing all sorts of flips and log rolls!!!! Again though, she didn't and just walked in on a red carpet!!! Very 1945!!!!!! Oh AND there wasn't even a passing of a torch or a big gong to ring to open the festival!!!:( All this hype, build up, and talk around school of this GRAND opening ceremony involving lights, zip lines and 80's music was nothing but rumors!!!! Granted I may or may not started a few, but that is here nor there!!! IT COULD HAVE HAPPENED!!!! Anyways, all in all, it was a freakin AMAZING, STUPENDOUS, AWESOME, AND RELAXING quarter break!!!!!! Best one yet!!!!!!!:) And of course all thanks to S and being that special someone to join me for the ride!!!!!!!! HA ending the blog corny style!! IT'S HOW US MINNESOTANS DO IT!!! We love the corn!!!! Take that Nebraska!!!!!!!!!!!!:P So that is all in a nut shell Fall Quarter Break 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There may or may not be more details to what was told, but you got the gist of it!!!!!!!!!!!;) Hope everyone's weekend was FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC and remember all: HAPPY SMILING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!