Wednesday, October 6, 2010

And we'll see you........tomorrow night!!!!!!!!!!!

Ask any Minnesotan about this phrase and they will tell you EXACTLY what this means!!!!! For all you non-Twins fans please watch/even if you're a Twins fan PLEASE watch!!!!

"Into deep left center....for Mitchell......annnnnnnd we'll see you......tomorrow night" - Joe Buck

Now all your Kirby fanatics out there, I dare you to watch this the first time without shedding some tears/flowing some tears!!!!!:) Being in India the past 16 months has been fantastic!!! But for some reason, in the past month there has just been days like this where not being home in Minnesota right now is killing me!!! Like even watching this I have been balling my eyes out!!!! Mainly because Kirby was my childhood hero, like a lot of Minnesota kids!! Everyone wanted to be just like Kiiiiiiiiiirby Puckett!!! The way he played the game was inspirational and with heart and determination!!!!!! I think one of the saddest days of my childhood was hearing the retirement of Kirby Puckett!!! I know it sounds lame and stupid, but to look up to a guy so much and too see him in tears because he's being forced to leave the game that he loves for his entire life was so emotional!!!! This is a guy who went out every single game and played his heart out, "like it was his last game," and it was such an inspiration to watch!!!! For all that don't know Kirby died March 6th, 2006 and I can still remember that memorial service like it was yesterday.  I was up at UMD during it, otherwise I would have definitely been there to pay my respects to the GREATEST Minnesota athlete of all time!!!! Thousands of Minnesotans and Twins were packed into the Dome to pay respect.  They played this wonderful video with the song "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong (Kirby's favorite song)!!!

It's really tough being in India right now, with the Twins in the playoffs and not being able to watch it!!! I remember going to the games with my dad, keeping score on the scorecard, at the Dome!!! Or going to the games with friends in the $4 seats with $1 dome dog Wednesdays!!!!! Its those moments in life that you treasure for the rest of your life!! No matter what, memories like those last a life time!!! Which is why its so hard right now, so close to being home, so close to seeing friends and family again, so close to hugging the ones I've loved for my entire life and haven't been able to in the past 16 months, so close to flat out being a TRUE MINN-E-FREAKIN-SOTAN AGAIN!!!!!!!:) 2 MONTHS AND 10 DAYS!!!!! But I am so blessed to have my Woodstock family and friends who are there for me to help me realize home is where you make it, and without them what would this experience be!?!? Having a loving/amazing girlfriend, caring friends, wonderful students that make me smile every single cannot get better than this!!! It definitely helps me through the tough times that will be the next 2 months!!! So wherever you are right now Kirby, probably at Heaven's stadium hitting some homeruns for the crowd, thank you for not only inspiring me to have the energy like you had every single game, but to do it with the BIGGEST smile around!!!!!:) To all those you touched when you were alive, we appreciate and miss the heck out of you!!! Rest in Peace Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiirby Puckett!!!!!! And for old times sake: TOUCH 'EM ALL KIRBY PUCKETT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)




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  1. A few thoughts. :)

    1. I LOVED Kirby Puckett...definitely with ya on the childhood heroes!

    2. I'm SERIOUSLY missing India tonight - cried because I miss you all so much! So, it goes both ways. :(

    3. My dad is the biggest MN Twins fan EVER - you guys will definitely get along when you come down to visit over Christmas!

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