Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nothing but you and the ground beneath your feet!!!!!!!!:)

"And just ran!"

Friday night it was exhaustion city over here!!! It has been a full week, 2 weeks, 3 MONTHS, of constant sports practices and preparations for Cross Country Inter House, Inter School, Sports Day Inter House, Inter School and it has either been practices up at the Chakkar or practices down at Hanson Field!! Either way it's an extreme UP or an extreme DOWN!!!! Plus prepping for Health and PE classes!!! Now this blog is not to moan or complain of all the work, in fact I love it, because it keeps me busy and motivated!!! Back to this weekend and my plans going in to it!!! It was basically going to be a relaxing, lazy, nothing but couch laying and a little work for Sports Day weekend!!! It really turned out to be the EXACT opposite of that!! Friday night was 4 loads of laundry, Saturday was running 12 miles in the morning, followed by a hike to Flag Hill with some sunset Yoga, Sunday was running 11 miles in the morning, followed by singing at church for staff choir and then lunch at Chardhukan!!!!!! But you know what, it WAS a relaxing weekend!! Why? Because I got to run, and I ran, and I ran far!!!!! There really are no words to describe the feeling you have when you run for so long except possibly peaceful, reflective, and at one with yourself!!! Those 2 links up above relate to a deep deep down dream and passion I have!!! One day, be in 5 years or 10 years I would love to just stop everything, run out the door and not stop for however long I feel like running!!! Granted if I have a family when I do it, they could come with and be my pit crew!!! But the feeling to have nothing but running on the mind and the sites and sceneries to be seen while running would be AMAZING!!!!!!!:) I keep coming back to my bigger years in 5th-10th grade and I'm fairly positive that's where the passion to run such long distances come from!!! I could NEVER run more than 1/2 a mile without stopping or getting completely winded!! And now any run under 5 miles feels like failure or not a good run!!!

"I just felt like running"

Another thing I love to combine with running is charity!!! And it would be such an added bonus if whilst running for such a long time it would be for charity!!! Like every mile I complete a person would donate $1 or something!!!! Of course ALL proceeds would go towards EDUCATION!!!!! Seeing around the world is a struggle for school funding!!!! Maybe its just crazy talk and could never happen, but what is life if deep deep down we don't have a passion or ambition to do something that one day could possibly come true!!!! If you have nothing to aim for, to strive for, then what are we???? Monkeys??? Its those crazy dreams and ambitions that keeps someone going!! Without them life would be lost and have no purpose!!!! Also running for me is equal to that of someone going to therapy!!!! Having such clarity in thinking while running is the best feeling ever!!! Your endorphines are pumping and your brain is working with precision!!!!! Who knows maybe one day I'll open the door, start running, and find myself 4000 miles away home after 2 years!!!!!:) Then again my life could be feeling complete and the need to run will be a little laid back and not so extreme!!!! Life is a journey so you may make the best out of it!!! BEST RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) Have a fantastic rest of the weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY SMILING AND HAPPY RUNNING ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

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