Saturday, October 10, 2009

FOR EV ER!!!!!!:)

Holy schnikee it's been WAY TOO LONG since my last post!!!!!!!!! I always say, oh yeah I'll do a summary post next weekend, then the next, then the next goes by and bam no time!!!! Now I've been busy a plethora of times during the summer with summer tennis!! Every hour during the day from 6am-8pm it seems is tennis!! However, there's always been (for the most part) the weekends free and Fridays!!! BUT here, it's summer tennis busy times 4302597!!!! 7 days a week it seems there is something to do or needs to be done!!! This is the FIRST weekend in 5 weeks that I have NOTHING planned on Saturday and it feels awesome!!!!:) So let's get started on the updating my life part, since it's the main reason you read my blogs in the first place!!! Or you just log on because of the sweet music!! I know deep down you love Final Countdown!!;) Well the last post I had was our middle school hike about 8 weeks ago now??! SINCE THEN SO much has happened it's ridiculous!!! I can't even remember if I talked about InterHouse and InterSchool Cross Country!!! If not we had InterHouse Cross Country races on September 11th, 2009!! Yes 9-11!! Except here doesn't really have the same meaning as the states!!! Basically what happens on InterHouse CC Day is the entire school is shut down and dedicated for running CC!!! It's amazing!!! In the morning we have elementary and middle school run their races!!! Distances anywhere from, just around the bend to 4.6km!!! The students, like I mentioned in my earlier blogs, are separated into 3 Houses: Merlins, Condors and the best for last Eagles!!! Yes, staff get a house as well and I'm an Eagle!!! BLUE BABY!!!! FAVORITE COLOR and pretty much the color of every shirt I own!!!!!;) Students come up with these VERY Western type cheers and houses receive extra points for being the most spirited!!! Eagles, of course, WON the MOST SPIRITED AWARD!!! Brought a huge smile to my face!!!! Picking up just where I left off from summer tennis!!!:) Even though, in NO way are they anywhere in the league of dressing up like shakopee tennis!! They'll need to get tutored eventually!!!! So lunch time came and we ate down at Chardukan, which I got this HUGE chocolate pancake and HUGE apple cinnamon waffle, all for an equivalent of $4!!! Cheap food rocks, but still DELICIOUS FOOD!!! After lunch it was high schools turn to run!!! These runs were distances from 4.6km to the senior boys of 6.1km!!! Staff have their choice to run and earn points towards their house, so most of the men staff run with the senior boys, similar to the ladies!!! I would LOVE to say I got first in the senior division race, BUT Kakivi, this extraordinary natural athlete beat me by 10 seconds!! HOWEVER, there was a point in the race he was easily ahead by 45 seconds, SO, only losing by 10 wasn't too shabby for this old man!!!;) Definitely motivated me to start running and training again!!! After InterHouse CC comes InterSchool CC the next weekend (Saturday)!!! This is similar to CC invitationals where 4-5 schools show up and compete vs. each other!!! So we invited Wyneberg-Allen (our biggest rivals) and St. George's College (all boys school)!!! Woodstock totally got 4 2nd places and 4 3rd places during the course of the day!!! Now in all honesty the 4 2nd places were out of 2 teams competing, and the 4 3rd places were out of 3 teams competing!! Thus pretty much got last place in each team race!!! BUT, individually we did have 2 1st place winners and 3 3rd place finishers!!!!!:) That was pretty sweet to see!!! MY life continued....

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