Saturday, October 10, 2009

Quarter Break in DELHI/AGRA!!!!!!!!!:)

IT'S BREAK TIME!!! A time where no students are around, or at least not too many!!! A time when you can sleep in and have no CLUE what time it is when you wake up and you know what IT DOESN'T MATTER!! A time when 4 friends can completely drive one friend crazy, sorry Megan!!!! A time when all you want to do is nothing, and you know what that is okay!!! And most importantly a time when you can turn snapple bottle caps into 3 hours of fun and annoyance, again sorry Megan......NOT!!!!!!!:) Soooooo Wednesday 12:59pm.....1 minute away from break.....clock strikes 1pm.....BAM IT'S QUARTER BREAK!!!!! School is officially OUT and I headed home to start packing for our loooooooong weekend trip to Delhi and Agra, the site of......?!?! Anyone, anyone.....VD economics.....Voo-Doo Economics (Ferris Bueller's Day Off)?!?! THAT'S RIGHT THE TAJ MAHAL!!!!!!!!:) So we leave Wednesday night at 9pm to catch the night train in Dehradun!! Oh yeah we're taking the overnight!! Why spend money on a hotel when we can just sleep on a train, which p.s. was the COOLEST train EVER!!!! So we get on the train and we come to our compartment, and it's basically a tri-bunkbed!!! 6 beds total, 3 on each side, with the middle one folded up so we could sit on the bottom one like a bench!!! There were 4 of us, so 2 others were just random folks, which when they arrived were of course Indian, so no communication there!!! The train arrived at the station by 11:20 and we headed off to Delhi by 11:30pm!! So we only stayed up until 12ish and then unfolded the middle bed and headed to bed!!!! Megan and I were top bunks, and Matt and Brady were middle bunks!!! I felt bad for Matt cause he was under me, and all that week let's just say my bowels was playing "A Farting Fanfare For The Common Man"!!! And that night that man was Matt!!! He luckily fell asleep right away so most of the smells were ignored due to sleeping!!! The train pulled into Delhi around 5:20am and you could tell not one of us slept that well on the train!! A LOT of tossing and turning!!! With our energy level low and patience beginning to fade, outside the train station was COMPLETE CHAOS!!!!! Taxi drivers were like vultures and basically pushing each other out of the way to get to us white folk and ask where we're going, do we need a taxi, etc.!!! After a while I just said nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo and held it like that for a minute after taxi driver/taxi driver approached constantly!!!! Matt used his teacher strict voice when saying no, and Megan/Brady were behind us so they didn't have to deal with as many vultures!!!!:) We THOUGHT we were at the New Delhi station which then our hotel was within walking distance!! HOWEVER, we were NOT at the New Delhi station, in fact we were at Old Delhi station which was a wonderful 40km away from New Delhi station on the west part of town!! Thus, could not walk to our hotel!! So we finally gave in to one of the auto-rikshaw drivers and said take us to the Main Bazaar, which is where the Metropolis (our hotel) was located!!!! The ride in the auto-rikshaw made the mornings blunders all disappear!! IT was a BLAST!!! If you're not familiar with an auto-rikshaw, picture a wheelbarrow frame, with an engine, big enough to hold 3 adult size people in the back, with a roof overhead!!!! Now as you know there were 4 of us, so one sat in front while 3 sat in back!! The front seat was lovely cause half of your body was out the door cause the driver took up 3/4th of the seat!!! And that lucky person was Megan!! HA!!!:) We arrived at the hotel within 30 minutes, so the drive wasn't too bad!! But when we checked in there was some disagreeance with the hotel room price and our booking!! It was clear we were supposed to be there, our name was written down, BUT was not made clear when the hotel was booked was apparently the number of people staying in the room!! The price we agreed on was 1200rp a night, but the man behind the desk said no no no no, for 4 people price is 1600rp!!! Since this was NOT our agreement we asked to talk to the man who talked to our travel agent who arranged our booking in the first place!! The guy behind the desk said that person didn't get in until 8am, so we had to wait an hour and a half!!! We went up to the restaraunt they had their and basically crashed and slept for an hour we were all exhausted!!!! When we woke up it was 8am and no sign of this man at all!!! We figured the guy behind the desk had NO clue what he was walking about!! So we waited another hour, until finally we just ordered breakfast and talked to the guy behind the desk again!!! Quarter break cont...

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