Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oh Chitty you make my heart go wild!!!!:) WHO NEEDS A PICTURE WHEN YOU CAN START OFF WITH THIS!!!!!:) I forgot to mention that Woodstock was having a wedding reception in the afternoon on Saturday, meaning for lunch we got WEDDING FOOD, which was AMAZING!!!!:) If only there were weddings and events every weekend!!! After my NO go of finding a bike shop ANYWHERE on the Western part of Mussoorie, I headed back buying some random things here and there: mini notebooks to keep log of my workouts in, rope to climb trees, and lip balm!!! YEAH it's very dry and being 7000ft up kinda makes one lips extra chappy!!! MY LIPS HURT REAL BAD!! Oh and the rope, yeah not that random!! There are PLENTY of trees around Mussoorie, and besides giving us oxygen why can't we have a little fun with them and climb them!!!! Going to make a figure of 8 knot, throw it over a branch and start climbing!! An excellent upper body workout!!! And if I want to train old school, fill an old sack with rocks in it, throw that over the tree and start pulling it up!!! Excellent for the lats and tri's!!!:) WHAT I'M A PE TEACHER, what do you expect!!!! I'm going to go relax and read a book?!?! Come on!!! BORRRRRRRING!!!!:) So on the way home I decided to stop by the Farley's and wouldn't you know who was outside reading a book and looking like an old lady all wrapped up in her blanket!??! Megan!!! But on the plus side, after I told her she looked like an old lady all wrapped up in her blanket reading a book she invited me over for dinner and a movie with Jenny and her!!! I don't know how I still get invited over with all the stuff I harass her with!!:) Well we ate some delicious pasta and watched Pirates of the Carribean #1!!!!! AWESOME!!! Then we had Kate/Elsa's Halloween party later on so Megan and Jenny had to get their costumes ready for that!! For the first time in 5 years I had no costume or ambition to wear one!!! BUT when I get back to the states that will change, since Mussoorie doesn't really celebrate Halloween, don't worry for Christmas though it's on!!!!:) Jenny dressed up as your black ally cat with SHARPIED ON WHISKERS, tail, and all black outfit!!! Megan was your ridiculous pumpkin/jack-o-lantern!!!! Wore an orange Kurta, and taped a face on their including a SQUARE nose, who puts on a square nose for a lantern of jack?!?! COME ON!!!:) Well we were all ready to go, and before heading over to Kate's Jenny and Megan wanted to show off their costumes to some 5th graders that were sleeping over at the Farley's!!! Well they all loved Jenny's cute cat outfit!! Then Megan showed off her pumpkin and they didn't know WHAT she was right away, THEN one of the girls yelled out "she's a BUTTKIN!!!" haha YEAH they said buttkin!!! Even though Megan thought she heard pumpkin!!! Ummmm NO it was definitely BUTTKIN!!!!:) And being the nice friend I thought it would only be appropriate to let everyone know at the party about Megan's new nickname!!! Which held it's ground when I called her Buttkin and she turned her head to look at me!!!! POINT PROVEN!!!:) We hung out at the party for a couple of hours, Jenny made some freakin sweet finger cookies!! They were cookies that looked like fingers with jam at the end so it looked like it was cut-off, then almonds for finger nails!! Very clever!!!! I left around 11:30pm cause it was WAY past my bed time!!!:) This morning woke up at a wonderful 9am and made some breakfast!!!! Did some writing in my journal under a BEAUTIFUL blue and clear sunny sky!!!! WHICH this is my NEW journal now because my old one is all full with 100 DAYS OF INDIA IN THERE!!!! That's right on Thursday it was our 100th DAY IN INDIA!!!!! And my journal has EXACTLY 100 days in it, which is kinda cool!!! Now with my new one who knows how many days it will hold but I'm sure the next 100 are going to be JUST as awesome as the first 100!!!!:) Mostly because in these next 100 will be WINTER BREAK!!!!!:) TRAVEL TIME!!! After journal writing I am GOING to go on a nice little mini hike down the back hillside behind Mt. Hermon to Freezer's Point, or whatever it's called and relax there by CLIMBING SOME TREES WITH MY NEW ROPE!!!!!!!:) IT'S CLIMB TIME!!! If you don't hear from me next weekend, don't worry I didn't fall down the cud too far!!!;) HAVE AN AMAZING SUNDAY EVERYONE AND HAPPY PRAYING!!!!:)

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