Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So Saturday, for those in America who do not know this, was INDIAN INDEPENDENCE DAY!! And also Korean Independence Day!!! BUT apparently Woodstock throws a HUGE festival for their Independence!! And it was awesome!! Colorful, men and women had to dress in their formal clothes!! I wore my Kurta and Pyjama's!!! The flag raising ceremony started at 9:30am in Parker Hall!! We were going to do it at the actual outside flag pole BUT it was a little too wet for that, sooooo we had to move the pole inside AND raise the flag inside!!! After that we had some guest speakers along with a Korean game and the history of Korea's Independence!!! Then these really sweet Indian dancers did a dance on the history of India!! Unless you knew the history it was kind of a confusing dance!! You could tell what was happening but not the significance of it!! There was no dialogue or facts to go with the dancing so we had to guess what was happening!! ALL I KNOW is half way through the dance they played the game Kho-Kho, a tag game we teach in Phy Ed!!!!;) This was Saturday morning!! After the dance there was DELICIOUS INDIAN food down in the quad for all to enjoy!!! Different vendors set up with exotic Indian food!! Basically an Indian buffet!! So did this for about an hour, then Matt and I drifted off to the Lyon's Lounge to replace the usual Sunday lazy day with a lazy Saturday!! BECAUSE SUNDAY WE HAD A VERY NICE HIKE PLANNED FOR THATYUR AGAIN!! This time we planned a shorter way down!!! Saturday night we headed over to the Farley's for some AMAZING pancakes, cooked by Chef Nicole!! They had an entire breakfast dinner planned, but Matt and I really got into this one corny stupid horror movie called Storm Warning, and missed that!! But apparently there wouldn't have been enough food for everyone anyways if we showed up!! Apparently we eat a lot?!?:) Who knew!! Luckily though there was pancake batter left so she made me 8 pancakes!! All delicious and sprinkled with chocolate powder!! After pancakes it was MOVIE TIME!!! The Incredibles!! Watched that while people were going in and out to Megan/Jenny's place right next door playing games!! After the movie we all herded over to Megan/Jenny's and played some Catchphrase!!! There were some interesting guesses made and some very interesting gestures and hints!!:) I left shortly after we started watching cause we had a very long hike tomorrow and needed some sleep!! SUNDAY HIKE NEXT!!:)

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