Monday, August 3, 2009

SATURDAY!!!!!!! HIKE DAY!!!!! ALL DAY!!!! PART 3!!!!


We made it to the nature part of our hike!!! OUR SECOND CHECK POINT!! From here the rest of the way was butter!!! All Dave was worried about was getting to this point of the hike, now were are here and it's a straight shot to Rajpur!!! Well not straight shot, but one single hiking trail!! This trail was beautiful!!! On one side was a lovely 4000 foot drop BUT a view you could see for miles!! Specifically the valley in the earlier parts, AND Rajpur in the later parts of the hike!!! On the other side of the trail was cliffside!! Mostly green and bushy as seen in the pic!!! This part of the hike was much more giving on our knees and joints!! Nice rocks and grass to support our feet!! And holes every so often to go poo in!! Okay just one, but it was a nice plumbing system!! Flowed all the way down to the valley!!! Half way down the hike we made it to a rockslide!! This baby was sweet to cross!! One false move, and SHAZAM you fall and slide 3000 feet down the hillside!! No pressure!! We all made it across safe and sound!! Then 3/4th along the way we make it to pure rock/sliding trail!! This is where our skiing pays off!! Both feet pointing right, then left, then right, then left!! Very fun and very effective!! Of course heading almost down to the Rajpur road we get to this mini jump down!! Dave goes first, nails it! Matt jumps, nails it! Nicole jumps, nails it!! Apparently all of those jumps loosened the earth, or I'm really heavy, cause when it came to my turn I jump down the earth just moves down and totally wipe out going backwards!! NO BLOOD!! Keep on going!! It's all good!!!:) With my expert PE balance I catch myself with my left hand!!;) haha but still failed the PE nation with my inability to land the jump, I fail you all!!:( We hike up to the road and continue to our meeting point, where the taxi will pick us up!!!:) It's a round piece of cement with a tree growing out of the middle!! It's at a 3 way part of the road, so it just made sense to meet here!!! Taxi comes, 7 people pile in to a 5 person taxi, AWESOME!! The true Indian way!! We first drive to KKM Leprocacy colony where we bought the most amazing clothes for a reasonable price! After KKM and our tour of the looms we head to DEHRADUN for lunch!!!! Of course we pick the true Indian restaraunt of McDonald's!!! McMaharaja, the beast of the Indian McDonald's!!! It wassssssssss interesting!! Good not great!! I was kinda hungering for a true McChicken BUT it still did the job!!!:) Hike up continued after this.....

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