Sunday, August 9, 2009

August 8th, 2009....a date that I'll always remember.... Part 4

Sorry no pictures from here on, focused on getting home!! You'll know what I mean!! So we arrive at the gates of Mazatan and start walking through town!! Heading towards the lower part of town because that's where I thought the school was the locals, which were gathered there like they were expecting us, started yelling!! We turn around and point Mussoorie, and they point in the opposite direction!! So we start walking towards the way I thought they were pointing too, when AGAIN they were yelling!! We turn around and they point towards this other road!! So we have a good laugh over it and start walking through the town!! Get to this hill with a bull on top drinking some water!!! Coming within 10 feet of it the bull QUICKLY turns at us and starts charging us!! We're like what the heck and just BOOK it the opposite direction!! Some locals from before saw us and knew we were confused and lost, so again they pointed us/lead us to the path that will take us to Mussoorie!! And of course that path includes going past the BULL again!! We start towards the bull and again the bull quickly looks at us, all flinchy we back up 10 feet, but no charging this time!! FINALLY the woman owner of the bull controls it and leads it up the hill away from us!! We quickly run past the bull, the guy in lead had a rock and stick in hand to protect us, yeeeeeeeeah I felt real safe there!!!:) They take us uphill into another part of town, yeah NOTHING looking familiar now, like before!! No school in site and now we're like ummmm okay? Kinda hesistant! They tell us to take this and then pointed in this zig zag direction around the hill staying parellel with the valley luckily!! So we take this trail downhill and cross this stream and head back up hill again! Once again we come around another curve in a different hillside and of course everything looks the same! We decide to stay with what's working and that's continuing with the valley on our right side, as long as we have that as our point of familiarity we should be okay!! We're headed down hill once again when we see this small boy walking up towards us! We ask him Mussoorie and point in the direction we were going! He says!! Thus we keep heading in the same direction when we come to a split and turn around and point towards the valley, which of course is almost pure rock and very slippery from the stream!! He yells "CI, CI"!! We look at each other and continue on UP the rock valley!! After the valley there are these 2 women above us and we yell up to them "Mussoorie" and point in the diretion we were headed, they yell ci!! So we're kinda feeling good seeing the entire way we've been headed in the right direction!! The time at this point is 4pm!! We've been hiking for almost 3 hours! And no Mussoorie in site!! We've definitely figured out we are also taking the long way home and NOT the short way like we thought!! Heading up another hill we come around another turn and of course the site is the same!! More hills and no Mussoorie in site!! At this point we're not too worried but would love to see some kind of form of Mussoorie or a village with possibly a taxi, but no!! We take the ladies advice and go uphill and come to our FIRST top of hill!! At the top of the hill we SEE nothing!! More hills!! We head down hill and towards another hill that we figured on the backside would be Mussoorie! In the distance we see a house with power lines! Following the power lines down the hill we say "amneste" (hello) to these ladies and ask/point Mussoorie? They point in the direction we JUST came from, so our first wrong way and hopefully our last!! So we travel BACK up the hill and on the top of the hill were little kids! We reluctantly ask Mussoorie, and they point in the same direction we were going, so that was good! We pass an old lady and again asked "Mussoorie (with pointing) and she points the direction we were going, and also signs to us zig zags along the hillside to the right!! We come to a split either left or up with a zig zag path!! Chose zig zag like she said!!:) Again we head up ANOTHER hill, zig zag back and forth!! Up and up and up!! AT least our 5th hill we've headed up at this point, and we're at 5pm right now!! We head up the hill and close to the top we see this woman with her cow and ask again "Mussoorie?" She points, of course, UPHILL! There are 3 choices, left and up, right and up OR straight and up?! We choose the middle one and turn around and asks "Mussoorie?" She says ci, so we continue another uphill adventure!! Now on the top of this hill we see a house and what could be a road to the left of our hill!! We head back down hill again towards yet another hill! Now on the bottom of this hill we have a choice left or right!! Left would be towards the house and possible road we saw, however, if we went right it would be going with every advice we got from all the locals and telling us zig zag around the right side of the hill!! The choice we made didn't seem like a big one at the time, but that choice may have saved us from big trouble looking back....

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