Monday, August 3, 2009

SATURDAY!!!!! HIKE DAY!!!! ALL DAY!!! PART 4!!!!:)

UPHILL TIME!!!! We arrive at our original pick-up spot, now known as the "drop-off" spot, and head to the trail!!:) On the way back Dave and Nicole weren't cool enough to join us, they were too busy shopping and emptying there wallets!! So Matt and I started the ever so fun ALL uphill hike to Mussoorie!!! The first 15 minutes were probably the MOST brutal of the entire uphill hike!! It was HUMID/HOT and wearing black rain pants was no good with that!!! Matt and I were sweating like pigs on a hot day! If pigs sweat?!? Anyways so first 15 minutes we had to stop, grab a drink and catch our breath!! We're like what the heck, Matt a triathloner, myself a marathoner, getting winded in the first 15 minutes, there goes our manhood!!!:( Just kidding, but seriously it was brutal!! After our stop the rest wasn't too bad!! We head up the hill and of course it wouldn't be a hike if we didn't get lost!! We're walking along and sure enough we hear the waterfall getting louder, UH OH!!! No good!! Because the entire way down we heard the waterfall but NOT that close, even when we headed down!! So now we knew we're going the wrong path!! We turn around and we're like yup don't recognize......that! that! that! that! and that!! BUT Matt, stealth eye catches a side path that looks like it goes up! We figure it will join the other path, SO we take it and SHAWHAMMY back on the correct path!! Heading back on path we make it to the top and back on the LOVELY cement path!! That was brutal again on the joints and knees!! Holy crack joints batman!! Matt hips were hurtin, my right foot was blistering and rubbing on the back!! BUT we're tough and slowly earning our manhood back from that first rest!!:) At this point we're at record time!! No MAN or WOMAN before has gone this fast uphill, Guiness Book was with us to make sure we were on pace!! We were!! Ahead of record pace by 3 minutes and 13 seconds!! We pass SGC (St. George College) and the bridge, make it up to our choice, and of course we can't remember which path was the shortcut, and we end up taking the longer path!! BUT still on world record pace, ahead by 2 minutes and 53 seconds!! We start seeing Wynberg-Allen property so that is a GREAT sign!! We head up the road and see the sign for WA High School pointing DOWNWARD! We're like crap how did we miss it!?!? BUT I luckily knew where we were, we came out on the South side of my apt. instead of the North way which we took in the beginning!! So now the record pace is down to 35 seconds, so we're sprinting at this point!! Guiness is right behind, we dive to my apt. steps and STOP THE CLOCK!! We SET THE RECORD BY 3 SECONDS!! You can see us in the book next year in the 2010 edition!!!:) Under Master Hikers!!;) After we celebrate with some bro hugging, we hike back to Woodstock to try and beat the taxi's back!! We chilled at Lyon's Lounge and loved it!! Took off the shoes, Matt had this HUGE blister cut on his right ankle, AWESOME, and I had minor blisters, not as cool!!! We watched Dead Pool (Dirty Harry), and I left for home around 5pm for some much needed dinner!!! Saturday night and Sunday cont.....

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  1. Steve that is fricken awesome! Congradulations!
    H of C&H Connection, Twins of Destruction