Saturday, August 15, 2009

Friday!!!!!:) cont...

We're winding down the cement road, everything looking very fresh and familiar in our minds since it has been only a week!! If it wasn't foggy during our hike back, it would have been a very BEAUTIFUL hike!! Which we'll make another time, with a Hindi speaking friend to translate for us!! But for now we're going solo and only Enlgish speaking!! We wind around some hills and forget how many hills it is until we reach their house!!! So we kept saying, oh it's the next one, oooh no no the next one!! Nope the next one!! We knew we weren't lost but just forgot how many hills it was until we were on the right one!! Well the answer is 4!! It took 4 hills until that 4th hill came and we came around the bend and sure enough the wide open area along with the house was right there!! We walk the deja vu path to their house again and sure enough the two are there making some dinner and almost like they were expecting us!! Not surprised at all and very friendly again to greet us!!:) We say hello and again they offer their stools to sit on!! Walking in the room for a second time brought back pleasant memories of the first time!! While they made dinner which we did not want at all, cause we didn't want to impose on their dinner!! But he insisted we have some Chai and since we said no the last time we couldn't refuse it again!! They brought in cups and nice warm chai and sat down while we sipped our chai!! At that point we handed them our gifts and since we didn't speak Hindi we didn't know really their reaction!! Their faces were somewhat happy but I think overwhelmed as well!! Almost like it was too much!! But they accepted the gifts and THEN brought in food to feed us!! We at first said no, but couldn't really translate that to them so we ate the food not to offend their hospitality!!:) The food AGAIN was amazing and we offered them some but they refused!! We got through half the meal and said we had to go!! Said our goodbyes once again and took a picture with them!! The wife was very hesistant but the husband was all for it, we think!!:) We hiked back to civilization again and met up with the rest of Woodstock Staff at the Tavern!! There ordered a delicious fruint punch AND my fruit ice cream!! A very fruity night!! Everyone else arrived at the Tavern around 7, while we got there around 8ish cause of the hike!! We asked if everyone else had major traffic to deal with because of Indian Independence on Saturday!! They said OH YEAH!! The streets were so chaotic and full of cars/taxis it was pretty ridiculous!! So many out of towners, THAT WEREN'T US!!! Cause we're true Mussoorians!!:) Freakin tourists!! But the streets are so narrow, so it only takes 2 cars to cause a traffic jam, one trying to go uphill and the other trying to go down!! At the Tavern we had an awesome time!! Telling stories, jokes and trying to throw little pieces of paper in each others drinks!! This went on for a couple hours, until there was a backup of people waiting for a table!! The waiters and owner kind of pressured us to leave!! All we wanted was our songs to sing and then we would have happily left, BUT the guy literally said, when we tried to request them, the owner will not let me cause he wants you guys to leave!!:) That was our final clue to hit the road, and it was getting pretty late anyways!! So we wanted the check and of course that took like 15 minutes to get!! While all these people at the door were giving us evil stares!! Like what can we do?!? We don't have the freakin check!! As we were figuring out the checks, other customers started hovering over us so as soon as we got up they literally took our spots that instant!! Kind of rude won't lie!! Lousy out of towners having no manners!!! All we were trying to do is have is some fun!!:) We left the Tavern and walked back to our houses!! On the way home Greg and I stopped by the Clock Tower Cafe and I ordered a nice pizza while Greg ordered a carrot cake! BOTH were delicious!!!:) Ate that, paid the check and went on our seperate ways!!! Got home around 11pm and was planning to write in my journal and finally catch up!! As soon as my head hit the pillow I was out!!! Completely wiped out!!! And that has been this past week up to FRIDAY NIGHT!!!

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