Monday, August 3, 2009

SATURDAY NIGHT AND SUNDAY!!!!!!! Possibly Monday too, you'll have to READ IT!!!!!:)

SATURDAY NIGHT WAS INTERESTING!!! Walking home to home was SWEET!! I got out of the gate of Woodstock and BAM Son, my landlord was driving by on his scooter and TOTALLY offered a ride!! HECK YES I TOOK IT!! So first ride on a scooter in Mussoorie!! It was AMAZING!! Wind blowing in my long, flowing hair of 2 inches!! Animal poo flying up off the road into my teeth!! Okay maybe no poo, but it was a pretty dirty road!! We took the lower road home, instead of upper!! The view was amazing but a lot of garbage and fecal matter!! Made it home and IMMEDIATELY took a shower!! Smelled so bad!! Let's compare the smell to pig sty+marathon after sweat+cow fart+my natural smell!!! Yeah it was bad!! Took the most refreshing shower ever!! Then was definitely craving carbo's and pizza, so had to go to Clock Tower Cafe again! Walk in and WHOA, hello smoke!! Apparently they blew out their electricity and smoke was everywhere!! Of course their ovens didn't work, so no pizza!!:) BUT had some American Chop Suey which was equally delicious!!:) Had that while I was being pushed to the back of the restaraunt by the windows because it was too smokey in the front part!!!! After dinner headed home and was planning to write in my journal, got out my journal, rested my head on the pillow, that's the last I remembered of that!!!:) Was out like a light!! Woke up Sunday morning stiff as a board!! BUT had a great night's sleep!!! Sunday was another relaxing day!! Wrote in my journal for 9 pages worth, average amount of pages has been around 3, soooo YEAH a lot to write about!!:) Walked to Woodstock around noon and chilled in the Lyon's Lounge with Matt the entire day watching movies!! Especially THE SIMPSONS MOVIE!!! Hilarious!! Spider Pig, Spider Pig, does whatever a spider pig does!!:) Left Lyon's Lounge around 8pm after Pirates O. C. 3, and went to bed by 10pm!!! So a GREAT but non exciting Sunday!!!!!!!

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