Sunday, August 9, 2009

August 8th, 2009....a date that I'll always remember.... Part 3

So Dave, Cookie, and Nicole part ways from us, and Matt and I are on our own!! Before we head off into the wild Matt buys 3 liters of water which as you will learn is a FANTASTIC decision!!! We head off onto the trail that will lead us to the road!! Which only took about 15 minutes!! At this point we're thinking holy cow this way could be only about 3 hours!! Cause the road took us straight through the hills and not up and down like we came before!! It bypassed all of that and took us to the same construction workers we passed on the way there!! So we're feeling really good, we're in a recognizable place and we still have the valley off to our right!! We see this little boy a couple minutes past the construction workers that was getting water from this broken water main!! We pass him and see him following us up the road!! Then he disappears and we figured he went home or something up a different trail!! Not 5 minutes later we come around a bend and BAM he's freakin in front of us!! We have no CLUE how he did that!!! We assumed it was magic and he can transport to anywhere he wants to!! So we were VERY impressed with his magic skills!!:) We walked behind him a couple more minutes when we PHYSICALLY saw him go up a different path and knew we would not see him again!!! Not 5 minutes later AGAIN we didn't see him!! HA fooled you!! So we're walking on this road, going around turns still with the valley on our right!! Everything is going perfect!!! We come around this next turn and we don't see the road continuing!! I'm thinking oh there's probably a little trail that we can't see cause it goes down hill!! We come to the end of the road AND NOTHING!!! COMPLETE END!! No little trail, no trail ahead of us that we could improvise to get too!! NOTHING!! So now we're like ooooooo crap!! We turn around and start looking for another trail or SOMETHING that would continue us along the valley and to Mazatan!! (I'm not sure if it's called Mazatan but it starts with an M!!) We can't see Mazatan from where we are, BUT we do know for sure if we continue along the valley we will see it eventually!! So there's this green patch of hill that goes straight down and we see at the end of it there's a path that would take us to another path that takes us around one of the hills!!!:) So our main goal at this point is to get to Mazatan cause we know our way from there at least!! We hike/slide down this steep green hill and hook up with the path!! We past this farmer and his wife, who I'm sure seeing 2 white guys hiking happen every 5 years!! We keep heading down hill and hop over this river falls, which I took a pee break and Matt took a water on head break!! So newly refreshed we head up hill (which will be a theme if you continue reading!!) And when we come around the hills turn sure enough there's Mazatan in the distance!! Okay now our next goal is to find a path that will lead us to that destination!! We look on the opposite hill side for a path, and sure enough we find one!! We follow it back to our hill and BAM we see that path that joins the other path!! SOoooooooo once again we head down hill and see this bridge and we're like YES!! This bridge joined us with the path that we saw would take us up the hill and around to Mazatan!! We hike UPhill again and turn the corner and we see Mazatan only a km away now!! Continuing on the trail we head through some houses and step fields and BAM we see the main entrance to Mazatan!!! Okay now we're like pressures off, we know our surroundings again, let's find the school here and go on the trail we came down on and head home!! Easier said than done!!! The most intense hike next...

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