Sunday, August 9, 2009

August 8th, 2009....a date that I'll always remember.... Part 2

We continued through some step farms and up the hill towards our next checkpoint the wooden temple!! Our way there we went through an Arizona/desert type trail with lots of rocks and heat!! We come to the top of the hill and look down and see these horses running wild and a beautiful field!! It was very cool!! And of course in the middle of this was OUR TEMPLE/CHECKPOINT!!! As seen in the picture it was this old traditional wooden temple!! Really cool!! We rested here for 15 minutes, ate our boiled eggs and Tiger cookies!!! Also, this local villager came up and rested with us!! Cookie could partly communicate with him!! We found out we were exactly half way from Mussoorie to Tatur, so this was literally half way point!! And it was 11am!! We predicted the hike to be 4 hours!! Yeah we were half way at 3 hours!! So we knew we had a VENTURE ahead, and we took the long way!!:) We started off again, saying goodbye to our friend and walked through this MINNESOTA looking trail!! A lot of pine trees and the trail was very clean and Minnesota nice like!! That was comforting and brought back memories of the cabin in Duluth!!:) After the pine trees we came to an attempted road!! It was gravel but big enough for cars!! Which was disapointing, because it was SO nice to walk from the Gap to Tatur WITHOUT any noise polution!! Get away from all forms of civilizations!! So we're walking down this gravel road and come to a huge gap in it with these road workers working on it!! They look at us thinking what are they going to do right now!! BUT we show them, find OUR little own detour and get right past that divet in the road!! We turn the corner on the hill and BAM there is Tatur in site and only a couple km away!!! Down the hill we go through random houses and a village just outside of Tatur! The arrival at Tatur was an experience on it's own!! School was just getting out at this point, because it was 1pm, and EVERY single school kid was following us it seemed!! It was so awesome!! They were attempting English with us, asking our names, where we come from!! And the older school boys were TOTALLY checking out Nicole, and not in the discreet way!! They literally were just staring at her every minute!! Hilarious!! We arrive at Tatur and Cookie asks this guy to take us to an eatery!! He takes us to his restaurant where we had rotti (flat bread), potatoes, and dal (spicey soup)!! SOOOO GOOD! And definitely gave us ENERGY FOR THE TRIP BACK!! After lunch we walked to the bride and went down to the river underneath it!! Dave took off his shoes and totally went in for a dip!!! He said it wasn't as cold as he thought but it still felt refreshing!! We headed back up to the road again and Dave, Cookie, and Nicole found their taxi driver!! Before they left Dave and the taxi driver showed us the way to the road that will take us straight back to Tehri road and Mussoorie.........or so we thought

The most intense hike back of our lives continued next.....

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