Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What's up doc?!?! The Past 2 months: SUMMARY STYLE!!:)

HEY GUYS AND GIRLS!!!!! Sooooooooo it hasn't been too long since my last blog post!!! Only since November 27th, was my last post!! SO COOL IT!!!!:) For those who AREN'T teachers, here's a clue on what the last month of school is like before the end of a semester: HECTIC!!!!! You have grades, finals (for those who don't teach PE:)), comments, AND still try and teach a little before they completely tune out for winter/summer break!!!!!:) Month before summer break will be ridiculous!!! OKAY SO quick filler of the past 2 months that you've missed since I've been busy!! I found my dream job!!! That's announcing at any major sporting event!! We had Inter House Box Soccer and I got to be PA announcer for ALL the games!!! YEAH it was AMAZING!!!:) Think Harry Carey (Will Ferrell version) combined with THE Chris Farley's energy level!! A lot of DUMB comments but with lots of energy!!! MR. DANG NEEDS HIS TANG!! IF YOU FIND SOME TANG, PLEASE GIVE IT TO MR. DANG ASAP!!! Stuff like that!!:) So that was back in November!! After that things really quieted down with major sporting events and we could focus primarily on grading!! YAY!!! Every teacher's first LOVE!! That was pretty much until the end of the semester!! Once semester came to an end, we had banquet after banquet!!! First was Middle School Banquet Friday night before going down (when they travel down the hill to Dehra Dun and Delhi), then Elementary Banquet Saturday morning, THEN our final Staff Banquet that Tuesday!! Oh yeah you better belive the Tuba Quartet played AND the Staff Choir sang!!!:) If you have gmail and are NOT on my e-mail list to share pictures with, PLEASE let me know your address ASAP so you can be included in that, otherwise the albums will be LOCKED for you!! After all the banquets pretty much HALF the staff left that Wednesday or Thursday to begin their travels either home (most back to the states) or other countries to visit!!! Thus, for Christmas the hillside was very bare with barely anyone around!!!:) CHRISTMAS DINNER: at Mt. Hermon, at the Weibe's, amazing FOOD!!! OH AND YOU BEST BELIEVE LEFSE WAS THERE!!! The night before at Laura/Nan's we attemped Lefse for the FIRST time!! It turned out okay that night, BUT as any true Scandanavian knows, lefse is ALWAYS served at room temp/cold!! SO when we tried the lefse that night it was still somewhat hot!!! Not true lefse form!! WELL come Christmas dinner I left those babies out in a ziplock over night and when it came to eat them they were DELICIOUS!! Team Lefse NAILED IT!!!!:) And this was lefse made from the bare cooking materials!! No fancy lefse pan, blender to really get those potatoes smooth, AND even no patter masher!! Just a fork, and roller!!! Also, I made about 10 pounds of mashed potatoes that morning (30 potatoes) (both can be seen in above picture!!)!!!! Those turned out pretty good too, but more pleased with the lefse!! Grandma would be proud I think!!!;) No meatballs though, THAT will strictly be saved for the states!! Some things are just meant to be in the US!!! 12 Day Layer Countdown, Meatballs, AND goofy 5k's!!:) I'd say marathons but that one is definitely going to be open to countries!! A marathon in 26 different countries baby!! Why 26, ummm HELLO a marathon is 26.2 miles, I can't find .2 countries!!!:) Of course I could go metric and say 40 marathons (40km)!!!:) We'll see how the knees hold out!! ANYWAYS so Christmas went awesome!!! Oh before Christmas, all that week was the Hike To Christmas Countdown (this will strictly be India)!!! It's a day Hike starting the Monday before Christmas, and every day that week a day hike before Christmas Day!! We did 3 hikes!! With our longest hike to Nag Tibba 2 days after Christmas!!!:) It would have been 4 hikes, but come on we need that day before to make food!! ESPECIALLY LEFSE!! If you haven't noticed, we were VERY VERY excited about lefse!!;) Like jumping up and down when we finished the first one that had that lefse taste, okay maybe I was the only one jumping, BUT others were DEFINITELY jumping on the inside!!!:) So after Christmas week it was PLANNING/FINISH UP TRAINING FOR CHADAR TREK!!!:) We were leaving for the Chadar Trek January 3rd (Sunday)!!! Could NOT BE MORE EXCITED FOR THAT TREK!!!! A trek I've been training/looking forward to for 2 months and it's FINALLY HERE!!! (and yes we're going to pretend that I still haven't left for the trek yet!!) PLUS THERE'S GOING TO BE SNOW AND ICE!!! More ice really, but STILL, white ground, and 2 weeks of it!!! Also, at an altitude of 11,000ft in the valley, and peaks around us that are 18-20,000ft above sea level!!!:) AWESOME!! However, before I get to that trek, we had New Years as well!! Around 5pm we had a mini New Years Eve party at the Weibe's, playing Settler's of Catan and eating popcorn!!! THEN around 11pm we left for our First Annual New Year's Eve-New Year's Day Night Hike!! This time it was to FlagHill!! AND it was a full moon!! Talk about perfect!! The hike itself was only 30 minutes, so we had plenty of time to get there!! We hiked pretty much under moonlight the entire way, only a couple times did we have to turn on our head torches!! Made it to the top of Flaghill at 11:58pm!!! THEN COUNTED DOWN TO THE NEW YEAR AND DECADE!!! Started at 43 seconds!! HEY, India's unique like that!!:) The Wiebe's kissed, Darren and Cindy kissed, I thought about kissing Suman, but he probably wouldn't have liked that, so instead I kissed a rock!! It was a lovely rock, full of minerals and moss!!!!! I think I may have developed gingivitis from it!!!! WORTH IT THOUGH!!! And it's funny to think, STILL have not had a New Year's date/kiss yet!! I guess we'll save that for next year in the states, WHO WANTS TO BE IT?!?!:) Well I suppose what you've all been waiting for THE CHADAR TREK!!! Read that in the next post!!! Oh so fun!!:) IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK BLOGGING AGAIN!!!:)

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  1. That night picture of the Himalayas was taken on top of Flaghill at 12:34am!!! Pretty sweet settings on the camera!!;)