Saturday, January 30, 2010

WHAT A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) Can't believe it's Finnished already!!!;)

HEI (hello in Finnish)!! If you'll notice the predominant theme for this blog already is FINNISH!!! Not only my last name BUT a destination I am trying to get to this summer to run the Paavo Nurmi Marathon in Turku, Finland!!!!! After the entire night and early this morning of researching prices, flights, hostel availabilities, and my budget........YEAH IT'S LOOKING LIKE A GO AT THIS POINT!!!!:) The flight is half the price it would be from the states to Finland, which better do it now cause I can't count on my dream job in Scandinavia after Woodstock!!! AND Finland will be amazing!!!! SO THAT BIG NEWS OUT OF THE WAY!!!!! What an AWESOME week at Woodstock!!! Went to the gym EVERY morning and worked out, played some soccer with the staff, and saw the amusement little children and big children can have in the gymnastics room once again!!!!! 8 weeks is a LONG time without any children around!!! It's TIME TO GET BACK AT IT!!!!! Heck that's the PRIORITY why we're here right, for the students!!! Wouldn't be here without them and the love to teach them PE!!!!! Like anyone who teach's PE knows, it's by far the GREATEST job in the world!! And it's only been my 4th month doing it!!! YAY!!!! For all you runners out there who is looking for a marathon this summer and want to do an international one LET ME KNOW!!! We can totally hostel it up together in Finland!! That would be AWESOME!!!:) Well that's about it for this blog, a nice short one but with giant news!!!! The only way to do it!!!;) HAVE A FANTASTIC WEEKEND EVERYONE!!!!!:)

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  1. DUDE! That's awesome! And, we didn't talk about India marathon yesterday...should DEFINITELY talk about it next time we hang! And P.S., I'm out of the house finally! It was ABOUT TIME!