Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What 2010 and the next decade will bring!!!:)

Well it's that time of year to think, hmmmmm what kind of goals in 2010 do you want to achieve, and NOW since it's the turn of the decade what goals do you want to achieve in the next 10 years!!! Since we do it small then progress to large in India, we'll do: 2010 goals, what I achieved the past 10 years, and THEN the next 10 years!!!:) Hopefully all can be accomplished!!!

2010 Goals:
-Trek in Himalayas!!!!! (IN SNOW!!)
-Complete the TTC Challenge!!
*TTC- Tri-Tibba Challenege: basically we have 3 major hills around Mussoorie (Nag, Benog and Top Tibba) The challenge will be running to the peak of all 3 within 30 hours!! Doesn't matter order, just that I leave home and return home having been on all 3 peaks within 30 hours!!!:)
-Set the Woodstock record for hiking Nag Tibba!!
*current record hiking from Woodstock to Nag Tibba Peak back to Woodstock is 11 1/2 hours back in the 90's by Ralph Kliener!! My goal: 10 1/2 hrs.!! Show him what Generation Y is all about!!;)
-Run an Indian marathon!! (record a PB time)
-Run a Woodstock charity half/full marathon!!
-Memorize ALL of my student's names!!!
-Work-out 20/30 days and 2+ hours in each month!!
-100 consecutive push-ups!!
-25 consecutive pull-ups!!
-Send 50 things in the mail!! (mostly letters/postcards)
-See friends, family, anyone and everyone in the states when returning!!!!:)
-Have a New Years Eve date for the first time!!!
-Teach the CRAP out of PE this semester!! (can't really judge that, but hey it's a goal!!)
-Trek somewhere over summer!!
-more to come I'm sure...

Accomplishments the past 10 years:
-Graduated Shakopee Senior High School June 3rd, 2004!!
-Graduated THE University of Minnesota Duluth on May 16th with a degree in Physical Education!!
-Started my first job ever as Shakopee Tennis Coach in 2002!!
-Hired at Woodstock School in Mussoorie, India on January 31st, 2009 for PE Teacher AND first ever teaching JOB!!
-Ran my FIRST ever half marathon (Grandma's Half: June 17th, 2006; time: 2:02:03) and marathon (Grandma's Full: June 16th, 2007; time: 3:48:32) along with 4 others (Grandma's (3), TC Marathon (1), Minneapolis Marathon (1)!!
-Completed 15 5k's!!
-Hosted 5 straight Christmas Breakfast's!! Each year increasing in size both tree and people!!;)
-Had my first kiss/first date!!:)
-Was awarded Shakopee High School's 1st ever "Superfan Award" for being SHS's #1 Superfan!!! (Don't even know if they continued that!!)
-Received my driver's license (passed on the 1st try)!!
-Was accepted into the University of Minnesota Duluth March 26th, 2004!! (A day before they played the Gophers in the Frozen Four, that's how I'll always remember that date!! Quickly changed who I was rooting for!! GO BULLDOGS!! Who won by the way!!)
-Left Shakopee Summer Tennis (July 14th, 2009) as the longest member/working staff there!! (member: 17 years; coach: 8 years)!!
-Captain of Shakopee Tennis my senior year of tennis!! BRING HOME THE BACON TOMMY!!
-Moved to INDIA!!!:)

Goals for the NEXT 10 years of this journey called: "Life: A Steve Luukkonen Story ~ How will it go?/Who will be in it; will I ever eat a twinky again + do Snapple caps really know all?: By Steve Luukkonen Inc."
-GET MARRIED!! (Now granted if it's December 28th, 2019 and I'm not married probably not going to order one of those Russian Mail Order Brides!! Will wait for the next 10 years!!)
-Teach in Europe 2+ years!! (hopefully Sweden/Norway/Finland)
-Have kid(s)!! (Again if it's December 25th, 2019 and I don't have any, not gonna steal one!!)
-Get married on top of a mountain!!
-Visit 10+ countries!!
-Run marathons in 10 different countries!!! (hmmmm that may or may not go along with that last one!!)
-Settle down in the states in the final part of this decade!!
-Backpack Europe!!
-Compete in an Ironman Triathlon!!
-Learn REAL yoga and become fully spiritual with my inner self or something like that!!:)
-Hike mountain ranges in the states!!
-Get a Master's in PE!!
-Go to Shakopee High School 10 year reunion (2014) with the biggest and best beard known to man!!:)
-Run the Steamtown Marathon in SCRANTON, PA!!:)
-Participate in the 20 in 24 in Philadelphia!!! (A race seeing how many miles can you do in 24 hours?!?)
-Establish myself  with a summer tennis program once again (Shako OR brand new one!!)
-more to come....

Well that's about it for this years goals!!!:) We'll see how many more I add for the decade!! I'm hoping there will be more, for both decade and this year!! HAVE AN AMAZING 2010 EVERYONE!! AND A FANTASTIC NEXT DECADE!!!!!

"Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves" -James Barrie


  1. GOOD POST!!! And, you figured out how to change your background! Way to go! Can't wait to see them HAPPY! WAHOO!

  2. Correction I believe...
    Nga Tibba record ie school gate to nga and back is 11.38 hours by Stephen Anderson (Physics teacher from New Zealand) & Chris Rogers (English teacher from USA) in May 2005. Ralph Kliener (Swiss maths teacher?) time I am told was 11.45 hours