Friday, January 22, 2010

Winter Break coming to an END!!! Say it aint so Joe!!!

Well as winter break comes to an end it's always nice to review all the events that have happened in case you missed all 47 posts!!! Okay maybe not that many, BUT they were long, so it's understandable if you skipped over some!!!! Don't worry the review will be in bullet point so it's easy to read and not so wordy!!! We're taking the classy way in the year 2010 baby!!!!:) Oh and for those wondering WHERE is the Dodital Hike posts!! Well that is one adventure I am saving for my return to Minnesota and tell you myself!! HA!!!:) Cause I won't lie, there are some EXCITING things in that story that will literally blow your mind to pieces!!! I mean a billion pieces all over your newly washed floor, it'll be quite gross, but worth it!!! OKAY let's begin this review!!! All people who get jealous easy please close this!! Especially any teachers out there who only get 1 1/2 weeks of winter break and not 8, HA!!!! OKAY beginning:

2009/2010 Winter Break in Review:
-Dodital Lake 5-day Adventure
-Nag Tibba 2-Day Hike
-Top Tibba Day Hike
-Binog Tibba Day Hike (13 hours, so literally "DAY" hike)
-Christmas Dinner (WITH LEFSE)
-Failed Chadar Trek :)
-3 straight All Day Hikes during All Day Hike Week
-Pepper Pot Hike
-New Years Eve FlagHill Hike (spent the New Year on a hill under the moon)
-Bear Hill Peak Run
-Reaching peaks of 12,500ft, 10,105ft, 9,915ft!!
-Completing ALL major local peaks (Flag, Bear, Witch's, Pepper Pot, Cloud's End, Everest House (Camel's Humps), Top Tibba, Binog Tibba, Nag Tibba!!)
-Pony tail in my goatee (if you're a woman you won't understand the awesomeness and success that is!!)
-Rajpur Hike
-Won Settler's of Catan TWICE in one night!! And not just won, dominated!! (WHEAT AND ORE BABY!!)

I think that's it for now!!! Overall an AMAZING winter break!! So active and full of hike's up the wazoo!! Now for technicalities, Everest House and Cloud's End weren't during break, they were just as reference of hikes completed!!! I hope for all those who had 8 weeks had just as many adventures!!! Full of stories and amazing memories!! AND PICTURES!! Where are the pictures people, COME ON!!!!! Have an EXCELLENT rest of break Woodstockians!! For all those who didn't get 8 weeks off, hopefully your winter has been going wonderfully......WORKING or STUDYING!!!!!:)

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