Friday, November 27, 2009

What I wake up too every morning!!!!:)

Now that I have a NEW CAMERA that I'm SO thankful for!!!! Here is my very first picture that I took with it!!! Not too shabby!!!! This was taken from Mt. Hermon (where I live) on the backside of the place facing North!!!! Yes, these are the Himalayas and they are even MORE stunning in person!!!!:) It really makes you think how much of life you miss out on if you don't travel at least one other place in the world and experience an ENTIRELY new surrounding and culture!!!! I never dreamed I would be teaching in India, let alone LIVING in for 3 years minimum!!!!!! But now that I am here I am SO very thankful I took that chance, leaving pretty much all of my family and friends 4000 miles away, and moved to India!!! Yes, I miss you all OH SO MUCH, and here's the but, BUT like Dave said it best, you will all still be there waiting for me when I return from this journey!!! However long that will be!!! Yes, I am contimplating staying longer than 3 years now!!! I have taken a shining to my 8th grade class and want to see them graduate in 2014, which would mean 5 years over here!!! And there are so MANY teachers who only stay 2-3 years at Woodstock, some even 1, that I do NOT want to be one that builds this awesome relationship with my students and before you know it I'm outta there, leaving them hanging!!! They have enough of that as it is, I feel they need some reliability in at least some of their teachers!! But that's not here nor there, that's in another 2 years for me to decide!!! And a LOT can happen in 2 years!!!;) Heck, so much has happened already and it's only 4 months!!!!! AND I'm not even sure they'll want me back!!! There's no guarantee I will be asked for another contract!!! So when that times come, I'll come back to this!! For now, it's time to continue living life in India, missing everyone in Minnesota, and teaching the BEST subject ever: PHYSICAL EDUCATION!!!!!!:) Also, discovering my dream job!!! THAT we will cover later!! For now it's bed time!! GOOOOOOOOOD NIGHT PLANET EARTH!!!!


  1. I know no one has commented in awhile so here I am, lol. Yes, I am still checking for updates from you at least once a week, lol. Did you celbrate turkey day out of habit? :D We all still miss and love you Steve, and no matter where you are that will never change. Can't wait for the next update :)
    H of C&H Connection, Twins of Destruction

  2. Merry Christmas Steve!!!!! You're missing out on all the snow, lol, it has been snowing nonstop since yesterday morning and we have between one and a half to two feet of snow. our poor little dogs get lost, lol. Hope you have a wonderful day, we miss you.

    H of C&H Connection Twins of Destruction

  3. Steve,
    I enjoyed your picture of the Himalayas. I have one in my office that I took when I was in Nepal. I agree...they are even more breath-taking when you see them in person. Have you seen them under a full moon? Absolutely beautiful.

    From...the person who first taught you how to snow ski! It wasn't a big mountain, but least you did well for your age!

  4. Well like you don't say who you are that last post!!!:) I'd like to say mom?!? But I'm not sure!!