Tuesday, July 28, 2009


First there won't be a picture for this one cause there's really no picture moment!! SO COOL OUT if you wanted a picture!! You can just leave right now if you're that upset there is no picture!! Today will be called Monsoon Tuesday!! Because of the massive amount of rain we received from last night onto this morning!! I'm pretty sure this is a typical day for monsoon season, BUT we've not had a typical monsoon season according to all the veterans that have lived here!! Which I'm not complaining AT all about!!:) Woke up this morning to rain!! On the walk to school in the rain made up this really fun rain game!! Called "Are you quicker then rain!?!?" Basically it involves you sticking out your hand in the rain!! Once you count 10 drops of rain on your hand, you have to quickly move the umbrella over your hand!! IF you feel an 11th drop on your hand you lose!!! I was like 54-23 today!!! Take that mother nature!!!:) Once arriving at school we had EVER so fun staff meetings again!! This time was high school, and that was riveting!! Talked about policies, handbook and schedules!! It must be in the phy ed water, but Ajay and myself could not sit still and hate sit down meetings!!! LOVE IT!!:) After said meeting which lasted for an HOUR AND A HALF, we had our break then another sweet hour meeting on Activities week, which started off awesome talking about WHITE WATER RAFTING and CLIMBING and HIKING, buuuuuuuuuuuut then it overstayed it's awesome welcome and got repetitive!! So that was basically all day, and after an hour in the computer lab got kicked out cause they had to close it down!!! Would have had my laptop EXCEPT all my dirty clothes were in my bag because it's LAUNDRY DAY AT THE FARLEY'S!!! HOORAY!!! No more damp smelly clothes!! Well at least until tomorrow morning when I sweat and stink them up again!! But that's tomorrow!! Currently, as you could guess I am at the Farley's doing the laundry and borrowing some internet to be writing this lovely blog!!! Then going to walk the lovely 50 minute hike back home with the BEST smelling backpack AROUND!!! Literally the monkey's will be gathering at the smell of my bag!! In your face Martha Stewart!!! That's about it from Mussoorie!! Have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY EVERYONE AND LOVE FROM MUSSOORIE!!!:) They'll be pictures tomorrow if I blog tomorrow!! GOODNIGHT!!


  1. YAY FOR LAUNDRY DAY! And, I never heard about your white water rafting fun meetings! Definitely need the scoop, I don't care if I'm officially with elementary, I'm totally tagging along on one of these cool fun trips :)

  2. Steve it is so good to hear from you! We all miss you tremendously and love the day by day posts. Please keep spoiling us with your blogs. H of C&H Connection, Twins of Destruction.