Sunday, July 26, 2009

Delhi-->Dehradun-->Mussoorie cont...

Once on the bus we had a 3 hour bus ride ahead of us for going all of 8 miles uphill!! Yeah, longest BUS RIDE EVER!!:) So going uphill on a bus with the roads the size of a bus makes for ONE interesting bus ride!! In order to go around every corner the bus had to honk it's horn at least 3 times letting oncoming traffic know to GET out of the way!! But the cool thing was we had the SWEETEST horn ever!!:) Of course the view after every 1,000 feet kept becoming more beautiful!! The most amazing coming from 6,000 feet on top of the hill at Woodstock!! As we progressed up the hill, whenever we looked out the window straight down that ledge became more steep and farther down!! It was really cool, well cool for the people NOT scared of heights!! Half the bus was still drugged up from the motion sickness pills they were given for the bus ride!! I didn't take one and was just fine, it wasn't that bad!! So after about a billion turns and amazing views we arrive at Woodstock at 4:34pm!! We go through the welcoming and meeting our buddies, and then our buddies took us to our homes!! Shiv, our taxi driver, drove Sheliesh and I to our apartments AT The Monte Cristo!!:) Where the view is SPECTACULAR!! Can see ALL of Dehradun from my balcony and then some!! Amazing to wake up to every morning!! Once we got settled in our apartments, well I more than Shelish seeing he already has lived there for 6 years, we headed to the bazaar and had some food at the Tavern!! The Tavern is probably the nicest restaraunt in Mussoorie, so that was cool!!:) After dinner got some stuff in the bazaar and headed back to M.C. for an EXCELLENT night's sleep!!:) Well that's the trip from Minneapolis to Mussoorie!! A lovely Wednesday-Saturday experience!! For all those interested in visiting, prepare for that, but we'd do that trip in 3 days!! YAY!!:)

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