Sunday, July 26, 2009

Leaving Minnesota for 18 months!!

This was probably the hardest month of my life!! Never have I needed to say goodbye to so many people, and deal with so many freakin emotions! Mostly sadness!! The hardest goodbyes were definitely my families!! My blood family and of course my tennis family!!:) Being a part of something for 17 years and then having to say goodbye to it for a pretty long time is so hard and takes a lot out of you!! After the goodbyes it was off to the airport for a VERY VERY long trip ahead!! I left the airport at 11:12am (sorry Amy!) and arrived in Chicago at 12:04pm!! 5 minutes ahead of schedule!! Yeah that's right!!:) At Chicago that was a 3 hour layover, due to customs and all that jazz!! So caught up on my sleep and put together some playlists for my i-pod!! Boarded AirIndia at 4 and was off around 4:30pm!! The flight wasn't too bad!! A LOT of i-pod and sleeping on the plane!!;) Once landed in Delhi, 9:12pm our time, about 10:30am your time, I had to go through customs which I was not looking forward too!! BUT it was awesome, all they did was took my health sheet to make sure I don't have SARS or HCM1/Swine Flu and then stamped my passport once I handed them my Customs info!! The whole process took 10 minutes!! Compared to Italy which took an hour or so back Sophmore year of high school!! So that was awesome!!:) Got my bags, ALL of my bags, unlike some of my friends who have STILL yet to get them!! The karts at the airport was SOOOO cool!! They were similar to lawnmowers, where the handle has to be pressed down to move it, and then once you release the handle it stopped!! Very clever AND they're free, take notice America!! Not $4 to borrow!! I take my luggage and look for the Woodstock sign, FOUND them, and then we waited for everyone else!! Yeah I felt like an idiot cause I saw people on the plane I thought might be staff, didn't say hi, and sure enough THEY ALL WERE!! So that was stupid I didn't introduce myself earlier!!:) Sorry Nan, Laura, and Kate!! Next post will be from Delhi to Dehradun to Mussoorie!!:)

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