Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thursday Hike to Sunday!!!:)

Thursday after breakfast we left for our first hike!! It was a simple one of only 10k and along Tehri Road, the same road Woodstock is located on!! We first passed the Hanifl Centre, which is the new Outdoor Education building!! This is a view from Hanifl!! It's AMAZING!!! So after Hanifl we kept hiking up to Flaghill, which is exactly what it sounds like!! Nepoleans in the old days, when they climbed the hill, would hang their flag on these ropes on the hill!! They are still there today and look very nice all blowing in the wind like!! Once passing Flaghill, on the immediate right is the option of hiking up to the Haunted House!! Basically this house was abandonded 90 years ago and since then it is haunted!! Not really but we like to say it is for dramatic effect!! A mile or so down the road we come to the part of the hike that is called The Gap!! No, not the store, but a part in the road that you can see BOTH sides of the hill!! North view, which is AWESOME, and South view which is EQUALLY awesome!!:) Past the Gap is more amazing view because we are now at 7000 feet above sea level, BUT couldn't see a view because of the stupid fog and clouds!! So the rest of the hike we didn't see miles upon miles BUT it was still very fun!! We went as far as the Chai Tea place at the 6km mark!! This is where we had our pbj's and tea!! ALSO, met some Irish high school students there for a community service mission trip!! After that friendly meeting we hiked back and had some TEA!!! Friday was an interesting day as well!! I met with Ajay (my HOD Phy Ed) and he's such a cool guy!!:) Unfortunately I found out some interesting news that Amanda our 3rd PE teacher scheduled to be on the team, is NOT showing up now!! LAME!! She told Ajay 5 days before she was supposed to come back!! Basically we are in scramble mode now!! We'll talk tomorrow (Monday) about our NEW teaching schedule and filling in Amanda's spot!! Other than that SOOOOO excited about teaching here and all the different and unique units I'll have, compared to America's system!!:) Saturday was a MONSTER hiking day!! Hiked for 6 hours everywhere around my house!! 3 hours of the hike was heading down the hill and then back up!! 2 hours of the hike was through the bazaar's where I met Sheliesh, owner of a Body Care shop!!! Coolest old guy ever!! He's lived in Mussoorie for 40 years, and after our talk gave me some CANDY!!:) Getting to know the shop owners and recognizing them throughout Mussoorie will be REALLY fun and exciting to hear all their stories!!;) Saturday night and Sunday continued in the next one!!:)

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