Monday, July 27, 2009


MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY!!!!!! My first actual day of WORK!!:) We had staff meetings today and after that PHY ED WORK!! It was amazing!!! BUT can't get ahead of myself let's start off with morning!! Soooooooooo haven't showered for 3 days and it's starting to smell!! The clothes need some laundry service soon, aka tomorrow!!! Using the Farley's washing service tomorrow so that'll be awesome!!:) Totally ran to school today and it went awesome!! Last time had a time of 22:46, this morning 20:39!!! Oh yeah take that oxygen intake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) That's right ! point time!!!;) After breakfast we had a FULL staff meeting in the Parker lounge!! It was sweet! Sang some songs, had some laughs, listen to Ray our key note speaker!! Really well spoken!!:) After our group staff meeting had some TEA for TEA TIME!! Then middle and elementary school departments had our meetings, which of course being PE was involved with!! AND YOU ARE LOOKING AT THE MIDDLE AND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL SPORTS COORDINATOR!! A thank you!!!:) Yeah I'm kinda wearing my big deal shirt right now!!:) Okay maybe not but it's sweet to have responsibility already!! After lunch we split up into our department meetings, sooooo pretty much Ajay and me!! THIS is the Phy Ed work I was talking about earlier!! We totally had to put ALL the students AND faculty into houses!! Every once in a while we have Innerhouse Competitions!! A house consists of students and faculty!! There are 3 houses: Condor, Eagle, and Merlin!! The Eagle's being the BEST by far (yes I may be on this one!!) So in these competitions students compete against the different houses!! Students get really into it AND get dressed up!! MUSIC TO MY EARS!! If you couldn't tell from Shakopee tennis AND BASELINE!!;) So we did that for 3 hours today!! Rearranged ALL the staff into their respective houses AND all the students into their houses!! It felt awesome to start working a REAL job!! Tonight was a REAL important dinner for ALL the staff!! It was a welcome dinner!! HOWEVER, I was asking around if the dress was casual, semi-casual, etc.!! Yeah got an answer of ALL OF THE ABOVE!! Soooo show up to dinner at 6:30 and of COURSE everyone was dressed up in their Indian garb or fancy ties, annnnnnnd I had on..........the shirt from the picture below that's of my dad and me AND black workout shorts!! YEAH needless to say felt like an idiot!!!:) So all night whenever I had to get up, I had my escort service that would walk with me to cover up my shorts, thus all people could see was my semi nice looking shirt!! After a while though, just gave up and showed the world my shorts!!:) WHOOPSIE!! Not going to make that mistake again!! Whatever I'm PE they probably would have died if I had nice clothes on!!:) At least it wasn't my scooby doo pj pants!!;) The dinner though was AMAZING!! It was a jungle theme so the entire dining hall was jungled out!! Our MC for the night was Mr. Ben Lall, hilarious all night and very entertaining!!:) There were several games throughout the night, with the most important one being the airplane contest!! He gave us a sheet of paper to make an airplane out of, I was kinda the pilot for this one and when I threw it, of course it hit one of the decorations and NOSE dived right away!! LAME!! So we lost that, but the plane that did win (Air France) was thrown by the French teacher and it went REALLY far!! After dinner we settled back in at the Lyon's Lounge and relaxed with some Tei Boe and dance party!!! Overall an AMAZING day!!:) Well as you can see from my Mussoorie time it is almost bed time so I am out!! Hope everyone's day is going fantasticly!!!!! NIGHT!!!:)


  1. If they don't tell you if it's formal or informal, how are you to know? That's funny!!! Sounds like a great first day!!! Congratulations. May you have many more. Dad

  2. Gotta love the Shako Summer Tennis plug! I hope your future competitions go better than the airplane contest though!