Sunday, July 26, 2009

Life in Mussoorie!!:)

Well life is definitely an adjustment now that it has become very simplified!!:) NO CARS!! HECK YES!! Walking everywhere and anywhere!! There is an option of a school taxi, but no to that!! The walk from our apartment to Woodstock is about 30-35 minutes!! I ran it once and that took 22 minutes, sooo about a 2.8 mile distance I would say!! In comparison to a 5k pace!! Oxygen levels took about a week to get used to, since we're at altitudes of 6000+ feet!! Others still are complaining of adjusting, so anywhere from a week to a couple it takes to adjust!! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all supplied by the school so that is VERY nice!!! Cause I wouldn't even know where to begin cooking Indian food!!:) First couple of days here the walks simply blew my mind that I lived here!! The view and sites are AWESOME!! The picture is from my balcony!! On a clear morning, WOW, it is breathtaking!!:) Monday was the first day of orientation, so we got to meet EVERYONE that is a newbie here at Woodstock, even though Saturday and Sunday we got to know each other anyways doing everything together!! Monday was signing day, we had SO much paperwork to fill out to become legal in India!! It was so repetitive filling out our name and address on every sheet!! And in India you have to repeat everything a billion times on the SAME sheet!! Thus, one sheet could have our address on it 4 times!! Annoying!!:) Tuesday and Wednesday were a little better! NO PAPERWORK, but just conferences about how to adjust to Indian life and handling the monsoon season!! Even though they are saying this monsoon season is VERY dry!! So that makes it a little easier!!:) However, no good for the farms and water supply in India so that's a bummer big time!! Thursday by far was the sweetest day of the week!! Went on our FIRST group hike, and my first official Mussoorie hike!!!:) More on this hike in the next post!!:)

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