Tuesday, June 1, 2010


FOOT LONG!!!!!!!! GET YOUR FOOT LONG WATERMELON!!!!!!!!!!:) So today at lunch was the GREATEST LUNCH EVER!!!!!!!! We had watermelons that literally were the size of an adult's forearm!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Not only were we SUPER ecstatic about the foot long watermelons (some more than others) BUT it was the GOOFIEST, FUNNEST, MOST HILARIOUS lunch ever today!!!! There is something about foot long watermelons that make the day PERFECT and full of ENERGY!!!!!!!!!! You not only can eat your watermelon and spit out the seeds but also WAKKA WAKKA WAKKA WAKKA WAKKA Pacman it up!!!!!! That's right, watermelon skins, once cracked, make a perfect Ms. Pacman!!!!! ALSO if you eat it correctly they look like a GIANT toothbrush or comb!!!!! PLENTY OF LAUGHS!!!! It reminds me of Jr. High and my infamous sexy chicken dance with my roasted chicken breast!!!! That one goes out to all of my former 7th grade lunch homies (Eric, Jonathon, Cole, Aaron, Dan, and Philly!!!!) Great times had at lunch both past and present!!!!!! I'm telling you, you have not lived without making living objects out of your food!!! I feel bad for all those who just eat their food and go on their merry way!!! Sooooo borrrrrrrrring!!! SPICE IT UP PEOPLE!!!!!! Well that is all for tonight!! Can't believe it's June already!! HOLY SCHNIKEE!!! In 2 days it will be EXACTLY ONE MONTH UNTIL THE PAAVO NURMI MARATHON IN FINLAND!!!!!!!! YOU KNOW IT FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!!!!!!:) HAPPY SMILING TO ALL AND TO ALL HAPPY FOOT LONG WATERMELON DAY!!!!!!!!!!

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