Sunday, May 9, 2010

What a GREEN weekend!!!!!!!!:)

3................2...................1....................BALL GAME!!!!!!! STAFF WINS 40-35 TO SEAL UP AN AMAZING GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) Friday night we had Men Staff vs. Senior Boys play a friendly game of basketball!! Now the first time we got smoked by 15, NOT TONIGHT!!!!! One of our staff players, Mark Vignali, had his entire 5th grade class cheering him on, so there was no WAY we were going to let him and his students down!!!!!:) The difference between tonight and the last time we played the senior boys was strategy!! Last time we had a one-player focus!!! He was tall, could shoot from anywhere and usually make them and definitely drive to the lane!! Well unfortunately bad luck on us he was having an off night, BIG TIME!!! But we still went to him anyways cause we thought he would turn it around!! Well he didn't and we ended up losing!! However, this was last time!! Friday night we came out with a basic game plan, move the ball around, get it INSIDE to our big guys (Boven/Wiebe) and take smart shots!! Looks like our game plan was VICTORIOUS cause not only we stayed even with the senior boys the entire game, but they could barely get inside on our defense, which played a huge part as well!!!:) Overall an awesome way to end the basketball season, especially for those staff that are not returning next year!!! So that was a FREAKIN SWEET way to start the weekend!!! Won't lie though as much as I wanted to help out with Adopt a Tehri Road project on Saturday, Friday night I was feeling like a DAY OFF was needed!! The past 3 weekends have been constant activities and I just wanted a break!! But I'm SO glad I volunteered for the cleaning up on Saturday cause it was an AMAZING experience!!!:) For all those who didn't partake, you missed out big time!! We arrive at LCH, basically middle ground for our clean up project!! Hold on before I get to far ahead let me explain what the heck I'm talking about!! Daniel Swanson (HS Counselor) and the 10th grade class had ambitions to clean up Tehri Road and the hillside running up and down it!! Last weekend they started a small portion of the clean up by cleaning Tehri from Woodstock gate to the Tibetan flags, while also putting 5-6 steel trash bins along the way so people now have a place to throw their garbage instead of over the hillside, WHICH is very popular among tourists and the locals!! NOT ANYMORE HOPEFULLY!!!:) Saturday the plan was to go from Tibetan Flags all the way to the top of Mullingar Hill, about .5 miles in stretch!! Not a real long distance, but if you saw the garbage that would be enough distance for 1 day!!!:) Our plan was to connect ropes to the protective railings and have students and staff climb down the hillside and pick up all the trash thrown over the railings (there was a BUNCH)!!! Also, picking up all the garbage on and above the road as well!! The timing of this was to be from 10am-1pm!! Not a whole lot of time, but we were counting on a few hundred people to help out!! We show up around  9:45am and Suman and Titu are already setting up the ropes, while some 10th graders are handing out bags and plastic gloves to use while picking up the trash!!! At first there's about 30-40 people from 10-11am!! BUT as students start to wake-up we go from 30 to about 100 by 11am!!! This is including about 10-20 locals helping out too which was awesome!!:) 11:30 we had the most people I would say, topping off at about 175-200!!! CLEAN WAS IN ACTION AND KICKING BUTT!!! You could actually start to notice a small difference in the hillside, it was very gratifying and AWESOME!!! From 10-11am I was hard at work cleaning up a hill right next to the hospital, then from 11-12:30 I was runner!! Literally!! I ran full bags of garbage from pick-up spots to the dump zone!! Also ran empty bags and gloves to those who needed it!! We were a well oiled machine!! Now at first when everyone was breaking for lunch I figured we would eat lunch then continue until MS Open House which started at 4pm, so we had another 3 good hours to continue picking up!! Buuuuuuuut I guess not!! After lunch it was scheduled to be over, LAME!!!! I told Daniel we best have another clean-up day before school gets out, and this time we go for more then 3 hours!!! ALL-DAY BABY!!!!! The coolest part of the entire Clean up day would have to be the locals!! Those who worked with us, and those who looked very pleased we were doing this for OUR city!!!!:) Its acts like these that help build a strong community and bring together a good cause!!! I feel sad for those that missed out or chose not to help today!! With more people it would have been crazy to think how much more we would have accomplished!!!

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