Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What it takes!!!

So sorry about this ahead of time but tonight's post is a little more semi-serious than watermelons or poop!! It's when a dear friend of mine, who shall remain nameless but I'm pretty sure will know who they are once/if they read this, asked me do you find it is harder for you to be empathetic with out of shape people, mainly because you do not realize how good of shape you are in??  And at first I kinda laughed with my very LARGE history and was kinda puzzled how could they ask this because they know I was bigger as a kid!! But then I began to think about it and thought this was actually a decent question!! I have been on this exercise drive now for 6-7 years and some parts of me are starting to forget what it's like to be "out of shape"!! NOT in any means am I saying that I'm the "perfect" specimen or anything, just not out of shape anymore!! Then I answered a little!! And the little part of me that has no empathy for out of shape people mostly comes from the freakin hardwork and dedication it takes to go from out of shape to in shape!!  This is definitely the ONLY downside of being a PE teacher, and that is seeing lazyness from students day in and day out!! And this goes for ANY teacher!! Be lazyness studying for a test, or not finishing homework!! It's just not PE that teachers get frustrated with lazyness!!  I guess for me lazyness has to be earned!! What did you do that day for you to be lazy?? Now for some people it may be walking up and down from school is there exercise!! For others it may be running 10 miles and hitting the weights hard for an hour!! Either way I see lazyness as a deserved gift/for a job well done that day!!  Also, I take the blessed side as well!!  When I see people taking a cab for a job that can easily be done by foot, or ordering groceries to be delivered that you can walk and carry with your feet and hands makes me sad!!  There is one class that will ALWAYS inspire me and make me think about life in a whole new perspective!! And that's when I had a semester of Adapted PE!! You want brave, you want inspiration!! One semester with those awesome students will give you that and SO much more!! Do you know what those kids would give to be able to walk, or throw/catch a ball!! They will be in wheelchairs their entire LIFE!! Oh let's take a cab tonight, I'm too tired to walk!! It's called suck it up!! You NEED to live each day as it is your last!! Cause you have no idea what will happen the next, or the next, or the next!! One day you're walking, the next BAM, in a wheelchair the rest of your life!! Now what would you give to walk one more step again!!  So now you know what I think about when I'm debating if I should work out today or not, I think back to those kids who would LOVE to do one push-up with 2 good arms, or run 10 feet with 2 good legs!!  You also need heart to do it day in and day out!! If you're doing it just cause you like some boy or girl and they work out, or cause you're friends are doing it, quit wasting the weight machines or treadmills time!! DO IT FOR YOU AND ONLY YOU!!! Internal motivation needs to be strong in EVERY single person!! External can only take you so far, after they all have left and it's just you, then what!?!?  Find a reason to do it!! Find a passion and stick to it!! Your character is not only summed up by what you do in the classroom, but on the court, or in the bazaar, or even at home!!  Be true to yourself and others!! Don't waste their time if you're doing it for the wrong reasons!! Do it because YOU want to!! LIVE LIFE PASSIONATELY AND FULL OF HEART!!!:)  That's enough for tonight!! It's bedtime!! Happy Smiling!!!

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