Saturday, June 5, 2010

8th Grade Farewell banquet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

This is the class!!!! '014!!!!! The class that I want/will stick around until they graduate!!!!:) There's something special about your first year as a teacher and the grade that you get to teach from middle school to high school!!! You get to see the maturity take place from 8th to 9th grade!!! You get to reminisce about those fond memories of middle school when they are seniors and about to graduate!!! Most importantly there is a special bond I feel with this year's 8th grade and the future seniors of 2014!!!! There is not one single student that doesn't bring a unique characteristic to the table!! Each one of them in their own way are SUCH a pleasure to teach!!! When I first applied to Woodstock and was told the student's were great, I didn't know what to expect!! Great can mean a lot of things in a lot of different ways!!! Sadly Woodstock prepped me with the wrong word for these student's!! They're not great.......they're AMAZING!!!! I am hesitant to full out announce my plan to stay until they graduate, mainly because I am sure they hear that often from their teacher's and most of them end up leaving after their contract!!! So who am I to be saying those exact words!!! Actions speak louder than words my friends!! And until I actually am there to see my 8th graders graduate and walk down that isle and collect their diploma, they have all the right to not believe me right now!! Sadly!! But if Woodstock extends my contract, I AM HERE FOR THAT DAY!!! Once I set my mind on something it is DONE!! OVER WITH!!! You don't run marathons with a weak and undetermined mind!! Something God has blessed me with is dedication!! And I truly want to be dedicated to this class!!  However, the most AWESOME part of this whole thing is not only do I get to see 8th grade graduate, but I get to see my 9th graders (another FANTASTIC class), my 10th graders graduate (again a SPECTACULAR class) and if I'm here long enough (hopefully) I will get to see my new and upcoming 8th grade class the 7th grade class!!!!!:) I mean really it is a WIN WIN WIN situation!!! Woodstock has a part of my heart right now and I do NOT want to be in any other place!!!:) At least for another 6-7 years!!!!! There will be a time that I want to settle down and teach in the states, but for now that desire is a long, long, long ways away!!!! Thank you 8th grade for such a WONDERFUL night tonight!! I'm so proud of each and every one of you (if any of you even read this!!) this year and again it has been AMAZING teaching and getting to know you!!! This is my THANK YOU card to you!!!! '014 BABY!!!!!!! Oh p.s. you will make me feel EXTREMELY old when you graduate!! Cause I was proudly an '04 grad and that will have been 10 years ago at that time!!! NOT COOL '014!!!!!:) HAPPY SMILING EVERYONE!!! Hopefully you are doing something that you love!! If you're not, DO SOMETHING ELSE!!!!!!!!!

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