Saturday, April 3, 2010

TTC FAILED!!!!!!:(

Saturday morning 4am, body felt destroyed and unable to get up and run to Nag Tibba!!! So went back to bed, got up naturally at 9:30am without any alarm and though I gotta run SOMEWHERE to make today not all a failure!! Decided to run to Pepper Pot which is about 10 miles total, down and back!!! That felt good!!!:)

Final numbers from this challenge!!!!:

Mt. Hermon to Binog Tibba Peak to Mt. Hermon: 4hours 51minutes 29seconds

Mt. Hermon to Top Tibba Peak to Mt. Hermon: 3hours 31minutes 41seconds

Mt. Hermon to Pepper Pot Peak to Mt. Hermon: 2hours 24minutes 38seconds

Feeling of failure: NONE!!!!:)

Yeah granted I didn't accomplish what I wanted to accomplish this challenge, but not only was this GREAT practice for the next time AND the Paavo Nurmi Marathon, it gave me a chance to get outside and away from everything!!! Nothing is honestly more relaxing then getting away from civilization by running to tops of Tibba's or smaller hills around here!! GREAT START TO A QUARTER BREAK!!!!!:) One thing I did learn for the next time I attempt this is to start with Top Tibba and end with Binog Tibba on day 1!!! Top is easier and Binog has such STEEP down and up that to start with that just exhausts a person!!! So next time the order will be Top-->Binog-->Nag Tibba!!! Oh and to put into perspective of all these runs with our hike times:

Binog Hike: Left Mt. Hermon at 11am and didn't get back until 8:30pm!!! (9 1/2hr hike)
Top Hike: Left Mt. Hermon 10am and returned at 4pm (6hr. hike)

So kinda shows the tempo I was at to almost split both of these hikes in half!!!:) Well that's about it!!!! Overall freakin GREAT EXPERIENCE!!! Shows me how much harder I have to work now and how out of shape I am!!! EYE OF THE TIGER BABY!!!!!!!:)

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