Tuesday, April 13, 2010

EGGS FOR BREAKFAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So one thing Nicole and I often discuss at breakfast time is EGGS!!!! And how much better our day starts when having EGGS FOR BREAKFAST!!!!! Thus the title EGGS FOR BREAKFAST!!!!! Let's give an example shall we!! Monday morning, had a nice 5 mile run and was hungry for breakfast like always!!!:) It was a low barometer type of day, meaning it was Monday, cloudy, energy was gonna be hard to find from the students, etc.!! Well I get to breakfast hoping for eggs to start this day off right, and BAM!!! In the two containers, where one is usually full of a beautiful type of egg (scrambled, hard boiled, fried, etc.) there were TWO types of potatoes!! Now I mean honestly!! Breakfast potatoes are fine, BUT, both options being potato!!! COME ON!! You're killing me Samals!!! NOW fast forward to this morning (Tuesday morning)!!!! Had a really intense workout this morning!! I mean sweat was dripping from ear to ear, nose to mouth, armpit to buttcrack, it was everywhere and it felt good!! Thinking about what was to come for breakfast I was praying for some eggs!! Yes, some people pray for world peace, others there friend to feel better, EGG is on my mind in the mornings!!! Get to breakfast, look into the two containers and sure enough FRIED EGGS were in one of them!!! THIS WAS HAPPY DANCE TIME!!! Energy and dance instantly fills the body and blood, Indian cooks are wondering what the heck is going on, and the breakfast crew just goes on eating normally cause this is nothing new to them!!! Even though I KNOW on the inside they dance whenever they see egg!!! Now that was ONE example of how eggs can make or break the beginning of a day!!! Multiply that example by like 50 and you have the entire year so far!!!!:) YOU BETTER BELIEVE EGGS ARE THAT IMPORTANT FOR BREAKFAST!!!!! Not to mention the AWESOME protein boost you get from them, AND the wonderful smelling farts!! Joely, Mikey, Matty (my roomies) ALL know my egg farts for 4 years of living together!! AND THEY ARE GLORIOUS!!!:) Also, thinking in deeper thought, eggs are kinda a home away from home comfort food!! Always made them for breakfast back in the states either at college or at home in the summer time!! It brings back GREAT memories, ESPECIALLY OUR 4 CHRISTMAS BREAKFAST'S AT UMD AND THE GOING AWAY BREAKFAST RIGHT BEFORE INDIA!!!! THE BEST BREAKFASTS EVER!!!!!!!!!:) Yes, they are way better than weekend breakfasts'!!!!! So how much do eggs for breakfast rock?!?! If you haven't figured out the importance of having eggs by now, then you need to move to Antarctica!!!! No eggs at all, except for penguin eggs, and those eggs will give you heartburn and indigestion!!! Also, the penguin moms will EAT you, for eating her young!!! That is all!!! I see Nicole is too cool to blog about eggs, even though she agreed with me that we should!! NOT CLASSY!!!! Well HAPPY SMILING AND HAPPY EGGING!!!!!:)

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  1. Hello,

    I am a student who is wrapping up a semester studying abroad in India. My girlfriend and I (she is also from MN, she grew up in North Field) will be in Mussorie for a week or so. We are going to arrive in a two days and we were wondering if we could ask you a few questions about where to trek and other activities. You can shoot me an email at piermeh@lfc.edu and we will try to check it when we arrive. Thanks