Saturday, April 24, 2010


Saturday night.....8:05pm........sitting on my couch after a long 3 days......high school Superfan symptoms are back once again:

-no voice
-our teams have just lost big games
-received compliments on pumping up the crowd during the entire tournament:)

WHAT A FREAKIN WEEK IT HAS BEEN!! EXHAUSTING IS A WORD THAT ISN'T STRONG ENOUGH TO EXPLAIN THE WEEK IT HAS BEEN!!!!! Thus I'm forced to make a new word that is stronger than exhausting, which I will do right now: exhaustralescent poopedoutage!!!!! THAT is what is going through my voice and body right now!! However you ask, was it worth it?!?! ANSWER: HECK FREAKIN YES!!!!!!! It was like high school all over again!! White-Out Wednesday was the opening day of Woodstock's own Win Mumby Tournament and it was AWESOME!! At least 73.4% of the crowd was in white and the rest were either pooheads or other teams!!! WE had a Pep Rally at 4pm then our first of 3 games started at 7 and Woodstock's games were at 8pm (girls) and 9pm (boys)!!! We WON both to start the tourney on the right foot!!!!!!!!!:) Arrived home around 11pm and got to bed, after a late night snack, around midnight!!! Then Thursday there were day games, so while Ajay was down at Ridgewood and Hanson coaching/being head master of the tourney, I was teaching classed in the gym!! Then Thursday night we had 3 games again, one of which Woodstock played in (9pm, senior boys)!!! SOOOO again another late night!! However, Thursday night Woodstock lost which ended our 2 game winning streak!! Thus setting up a MUST win Friday night to advanced to the semi's on Saturday!! Our girls were rolling over the 2 days going 2-0 and into Friday night with a much lighter load of pressure, because win/lose they were in the semi's!! Friday night's game was for higher seeding in the semi's for the girls!! Let me back up the bus a little bit, BEEP BEEP BEEP, during ALL of these games the "retired Superfan" kind of came out of retirement!!!! Leading some cheers, bringing the WAVE to Woodstock, AND starting a NEW Woodstock halftime tradition: YMCA with dancing!!!!!:) IT WAS A BLAST!!!! I have video of YMCA/the Wave that I'll upload via picasa, so be patient there!!! Okay back to the tourney!! Soooooooo Wednesday and Thursday were late nights, staying up until 10-10:30 for the games and not getting to bed around midnight!!! Friday night came and the girls were playing first!!! This game got out of control fast and the crowd as well lost enthusiasm fast!! We were down by 20 by halftime and no upside in sight!! Not until 5 minutes to go left of the game we started a MASSIVE comeback and totally pulled within 9pts. with 1 1/2 minutes to go!!!!! CROWD WAS BACK IN IT AND WE HAD HOPE IN OUR EYES!!!!!! But during those last 10 minutes of the game they sped up the clock to not "embarrass" us any more!!! HOWEVER, with our comeback being smashed with NO time left, we could have used those minutes they shaved off!! SO that was lame!!!! BUT with that comeback came energy, which was a PERFECT prep for the boys game that was coming up next!!! Girls game ends and Eye of the Tiger starts playing on the speakers and the crowd is going crazy, full of energy!!! Boys enter the stadium and we WIN the GAME putting us into the semi's!!!!!! Yeah it was a one sided game so no real explanation needed!!! Now we were set for this morning (Saturday)!!! Both teams in the semi's and playing at 9 and 11am!!! Because we started the tourney off with a white-out it was only reasonable we ended with something special!! BLACK-OUT WAS A GO!!!!!!!! A color definitely favored by the student body!!!! About 90% of the Woodstockians that arrived at the game were blacked out!! It was awesome!! However, for the girls game there were only 4 students that showed up!! Literally, we counted and it was 4!! So that was sad!!!! And on a sadder note the girls lost by 40 and ended the journey for them!!! Next was the boys game at 11am and AGAIN not the type of attendance by Woodstock we expected!!! Stadium was about 80% filled and 90% were dressed in black!!! Energy was kinda there, but you could tell it has been a looooooooooong 3 days!! Also, energy never really came since we started the game off down 20-5 at one point!! So that stunk!! Boys lost as well by 30!!!! After the game Laura, Nan, and I went to Chardukan to relax and get some lunch!! I walked up in barefoot which seemed like a good idea at the time! HOWEVER, walking back down again.....PAINFUL/IDIOTIC!!!:) The Championship games were scheduled for 3:30 and 5pm!! Both games were kinda blow outs so no excitement there, and I was just dead to the world and sat there trying not to fall asleep!!!:) After the game slept walked home and relaxed on the couch!!! It was a 7:30am to 7pm day!!! ALTHOUGH WOODSTOCK DIDN'T GET EITHER CHAMPIONSHIP WIN IT WAS A FREAKIN BLAST!!!!!!!!!!:) CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR AND YMCA/WAVE/NEW CHEERS/HALF TIME DANCING!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!!!

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  1. They should DEFINITELY form a Woodstock Superfan title for was impressive, to say the least! And kudos on the new tired term! That should be an exclusive Woodstock term, 'cause I don't think ANYONE gets as tired as Woodstock teachers...and you have YEARS left to perfect the method!