Sunday, April 11, 2010

Round and Round it goes when we get off WE DON'T KNOW!!!!!:) PART 2!!!!

We make it up to the hill and sure enough our same rickshaw drivers were there waiting for us!! Nicole, Kate and I headed up first to tell them we were coming, cause it was around 5:45 (15 minutes late) and didn't want them to wait any longer without knowing if we'd come or not!!! While we waited for the rest I decided to run back to the rickshaw place and let Dave and Cookie take mine, cause we were one short!! I took off running at a pretty good pace and never saw the rickshaw's once until I began my loop once I reached the place and they weren't there and headed back towards Happy Valley!! Well not 2 minutes into the retrace I see Nicole/Kate so I run beside them and we head back to the rickshaw station!! Everyone shows up and before we head back home some of us had this urge to ride the HUMAN POWERED FERRIS WHEEL!!!!! None of us have ever been on this before, but we have all seen it a million times!!!! They load us on one by one and mind you this is human powered, so to load us on they basically climb up the sides and step on the bars to put their weight on the axle so it would lower down!! After about 10 minutes they finally get us all loaded up and good to go!! Now unlike the American system where they get you loaded, have you go around a couple times, load someone else and by the 3rd person they load they unload you cause that's been enough, INDIA IS WAY MORE COOLER!! After everyone gets loaded that's when they begin your ride!!! Again to get it started two guys climb up the sides of the ferris wheel then come across on the same bar and let their weight take them down!! Then once the ferris wheel gets moving they stand in the middle of the entire ferris wheel and just walk from bar to bar as it comes to them!! IT was AMAZING!!! AND IT WENT WAY FASTER THAN MACHINE POWERED!!!!! So we go one direction for 5 minutes, THEN they switch up directions for another 5 minutes!! After that came the unloading process which again took like 10 minutes, and in random order!! We had no idea when we were getting off and how long it would take!! But they got us all off, and after all of it we definitely agreed that was totally worth only 20Rs (45 cents)!!!:) On the way home we stopped in several places, one including BASKIN ROBBINS for some DELICIOUS ice cream!!! While walking with our ice cream I mentioned to DC (Dave and Cookie) that today/tonight felt a lot like the State Fair!! You have your ferris wheel, ice cream, loud vendors trying to sell you stuff as you walk by, and of course a LOT of walking!!!:) Oh and all you Minnesotans, YES, there were gondolas we could have gone on if there was enough time!!!:) Our plan was to head back to the Farley's and watch a moooooovie, which one you ask West Side Story (NOT MY IDEA!!!!):) The Wiebe's head home along with Jennie so it's Laura, Kate, Nicole and myself that stayed and attempted to watch West Side Story!! We made some popcorn and got comfortable on the bed and popped in the movie!!! Yeah that is a freakin LONG movie, cause at 1hr. 20 minutes was HALF WAY!!! And at that point Laura and Kate were going downhill in energy FAST!!! Didn't help that Laura wasn't feeling good!!! However, after we stopped the movie we did have some reminiscing on youtube with Sesame Street!! Including Kate's own youtube version of Captain Vegetable!! OH MY GOSH HILARIOUS!!!! Especially when she has an awesome baritone voice!!!! Then of course Laura and I had our expected conversation about poop!! It never fails, whenever we are together POOP comes up, and we don't even try to talk about poop, it just comes out!!!:) So yeah after Sesame Street we headed home and that was that for an AMAZING DAY OF FUN, STATE FAIR TYPISH ATMOSPHERE AND POO TALK!!!!!! Oh and Nicole West Side Story will NEVER replace "Springtime For Hitler" (found in Mel Brook's "The Producers") as my favoritest musical of all time!!!! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) AND I WILL TAKE THAT TO THE GRAVE WITH ME!!!!! HAPPY SMILING!!!!

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