Sunday, February 14, 2010

The FIRST official day of training begins!!!!!:) Eye of the Tiger baby!!

Well I never thought this day would have came so quickly!! Training for an INTERNATIONAL marathon that is!!! The Paavo Nurmi Marathon in Turku, Finland will be my very first international marathon, and probably the most exciting one yet!! Besides my first Grandma's Marathon that is!! Nothing will EVER beat the sensation you get standing, waiting in anticipation of the starter's pistol to sound and BAM you start your very first marathon!! It was a combination of chills, goosebumps, anxiety, excitement, focus, nervousness, and a little gas mixed into one GREAT SENSATION!!!:) And I have a feeling, after not running a marathon in so long, that my first, especially being international, will revive those feelings once again!! Not that the marathons in Minnesota were getting dull, but they were all runs that I've seen before either via car, or out walking with a friend!! But NOW, a BRAND new setting, with probably 3/4th the field speaking to each other in Finnish!! That my friend will definitely bring the goosebumps back!! You could say the second to last marathon I ran in the states was my burnout marathon!! It was getting repetitive, the intensity and "eye of the tiger" was gone for that one!! Obviously my very last marathon in the states (GRANDMA'S!!) was full of fun and a different kind of energy!! But very little training for that one!!:) But now, the night before Day 1, as it begins ALL OVER AGAIN, the eye is back, anticipation is kicking in, and that thirst and hunger to do amazing at a marathon is back in the blood!! CAN YOU FEEL IT!!! WOOOOOOO!!!! IT'S BACK!!!!!:) YOU KNOW IT!!!!!!!!! And I have a feeling it will stay a lot LONGER this time!! Now that basically the entire world is open for options!! I can go West to Europe or Africa!! North to Russia, or East to Southeast Asia and Australia!! There will be a time when I go for 50 marathons in 50 states!! But for now, it's stamping up that passport and collecting those international finisher medals!!!:) Goals are amazing and powerful things to have!! I learned this Sophomore year of college when I trained for my very first long distance run: Grandma's Half Marathon!! After that I've been a goals oriented freak!! And you know what, it keeps you in shape, doesn't allow you to slack off, and keeps you on life's wonderful active track!!:) Of course assuming some of your goals are active ones!!! It's now time to tie up those shoe laces, strap on the watch, and squint those eyes ever so slightly in the mirror so it seems like you are one determined and TOUGH dude!!!:) Yeah, I know all of you have done that before!! Don't lie!! Hey it works!! Once you find your "Eye of the Tiger" you'll know exactly what I mean!! So let's begin this intense and hard working 18 week journey!!! Hope you enjoy reading about posts that have to do with a lot of running shout-outs!!! Cause I won't lie, life after tonight will be exactly that!! Live, breathe, do........RUNNING!!!!!:) HAPPY SMILING AND HAPPY EXERCISING EVERYONE!!!!!!! PAAVO NURMI MARATHON!!! JULY 3RD, 2010!!!! TURKU, FINLAND!!!! BRING......IT.....ON!!!!!:)


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