Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Running Club out East!!!!!!!!!:):):)

I think I've found my most FAVORITE running spot ever!!!!!!!! Granted it may take 1hr. 15 minutes to get there, but once there it is awesome!!!!:):) So gearing up for Grandma's Marathon in June, there needs to be some long runs involved!! Every Saturday starting last week I have been running out East towards Dhanaulti (Mussoorites will know what that means) and the same thing happened last week as well!!! I wake up around 7:30am and try to leave the house by 8am so I'm back around 11am!! Both last and this Saturday I have left the house around this time, which puts me in the same place at the same time!!:)  Last Saturday, after an hour into the run out East (about mile 7) I notice village kids walking to school (yes Indian public schools have half day sessions on Saturdays)!!! As I pass them I start hearing footsteps running behind me!! Sure enough with no time at all I have 4 young village boys running, 2 on each side, laughing and giggling!!  Impressively they were running in their nice black school shoes and backpacks saddled over one shoulder for at least 2-3 minutes!! At this point of the run it's a constant uphill run, so even more impressive these boys were staying at pace for so long!! But after those minutes past they were winded and couldn't keep up!! On my way back I passed by them and told them good job in Hindi!!!:):)

Sooooooo today left at 8am once again and started my long, long journey out East!!! At the SAME point as last Saturday I saw similar village school kids walking to school!! And almost on cue, as soon as I passed them I heard footsteps once again pick up pace!!!:)  This time the boys were older, but still stayed in the same formation, 2 on right and 2 on left!!  And being older they definitely stayed pace a lot longer!! It was VERY impressive!! They stayed on pace all the way to the ramp going down to their school, about 7-8 minutes!! Granted not all of them made it, only 2 of the 4 escorted me to their school ramp!!!:)  Now today I added 10 minutes to my out and back checkpoint (+20 minutes over all time), and this time when I turned around at the checkpoint and started my downhill descent I passed some village kids walking to school from the other direction!! Sure enough, right after I passed them, AGAIN I heard footsteps pick up pace and again I had a mini-running club running and escorting me along my journey home!!!!:)  This time there were only 2, but since we were going downhill they definitely kept pace easily, and even pushed me a little by staying 3-4 strides in front!!  It was AWESOME!!!!:):)  When we got to the school ramp again, from the other direction, they stopped and again I told these boys good job in Hindi!!!

I'm really tempted to make this a scheduled routine every Saturday and want to bring Bata running shoes on my run next time, give them to the boys, and see if the next time after that they'll be wearing them and ready to run!!!:):) That would be super cool!!! I really wish this wasn't such a far distance away so other Woodstockians could experience the awesomeness of this!!!  And it's so cool that a simple thing like running can bring together two different speaking persons but both are on the same page of loving life and having fun!!!:):) WHICH is what life is all about!!! Finding the simple joys of it!!! I canNOT wait until next Saturday and spend some time with my other running club!!!!:):):):)


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