Friday, January 27, 2012


Okay, little more recent posts now!!!!!!!!!!!! So this winter break was AMAZING!!!:):) The biggest and most important part of break was Somya and finally getting to spend some time with Shubhra's parents!!!  Nervous............. ummmmmmmmmmm YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seeing their is no communication between her mom and I, since my Hindi is so AWESOME, and she only speaks Hindi!!!! Her dad and I could talk since he knows English so that wasn't as bad!!! But within the first day of being there I could feel the love from momma Chundawat!!! Which made the rest of the stay that more at ease!!!!  What I was most worried about was at rest and beginning to enjoy was the next goal!!!! WHICH HAPPENED!!!!!!!:):):) 45kg's of oranges!!! That was the amount of oranges that were bought and carried over to the house the second day I was there!! There were 4 or 5 oranges and I had orange juice the first morning we arrived, that did it!!! Shubhra's mom saw that I loved orange juice and made sure there were enough oranges for the entire week!!!:):) Objective -- COMPLETE!!! Had maybe 3-4 glasses of orange juice every single day, which has carried over to arriving back in Mussoorie!!! Except we have eased off with the 45kg's and instead buy 3kg's, which lasts us 4-5 days!!!!!

Everyday in Somya though, there was a new person to meet!!! This one's brother's sister's cousin's son!! If you want confusing titles of relatives, I'm sorry come to India!! But all I was supposed to do is put on my jeans, a nice shirt, and smile!!! OBJECTIVE COMPLETE!!!!!!:):):)  Shubhra's dad was also recovering from a surgery so the villagers were there as well to see how he was doing!! Needless to say it was a very busy time!!!:)  Every morning I would go for a run while everyone was waking up!!!  Cannot remember the last time I ran on so much flat ground before!!! It was a nice change!!! AND with a sunrise warming up the horizon and plains through the entire run!!!!:):):) After breakfast we would usually lounge around and relax, read a book, or go travel to one of the nearby larger towns!!!  All the meals were always outside which was AWESOME, since it was the perfect temperature!!! Think of a Minnesota summer night, WITHOUT the millions of mosquitoes!!! Only a couple thousand we had to worry about!!!:)  THEN the best part about Somya was the power going out at 9pm!! You basically had to go to sleep, no tv to keep you up or that book you have to read!!! Just plain, old simple BED TIME!!!!!!! That was awesome, and trying to get that going here in Mussoorie as well!!! Hasn't worked out yet, but come school time I think it should!!!

After Somya Shubhra and I traveled to Udaipur and Jodhpur!!!  I call Udaipur a really hilly Minnesota!!! THEY HAVE LAKES THERE!!!!!!!!!!:):):) Granted only 2, BUT lakes none the less!!! The two days we were there, both mornings I ran around the lake, which was about a 5 mile distance!!! It was BEAUTIFUL!!! Especially to see the sun reflect off the water!! Something I am so ever looking forward to back in MINNE-FREAKIN-SOTA this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):) After Jodhpur we continued our travels via bus (which sleeper buses are AWESOME by the way) and made it to Delhi safe and sound, which then we hopped on our final bus home and made it to Mussoorie just in time for SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):) On our taxi drive up from Dehradun it started to snow, and about 3km away  from home the roads were too slippery and of course our taxi driver not being the Minnesotan snow driver, took one of the uphill curves to tight and slid right into the wall curve!!!  I tried to guide him, just like Dave did with our taxi drive back 3 years ago on our way to Lake Dodital, and told him to accelerate slowly!!!  Panic crept in every time which led to GUNNING it, which every time got him nowhere!!  Finally I made the decision, before we all ended up over the cud, to get out, pack up, and walk the rest of the way!!!!!:):):)

We made it home safe and sound and my goodness it was GREAT to be home and have a very SUCCESSFUL trip overall!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):)  HAPPY SMILING AND TOO ALL THOSE MEETING IN-LAWS FOR THE FIRST TIME GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):)

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  1. OH, sounds so fun! Glad you didn't totally make the wrong impression, but really - with 45 kg of oranges, how could the wrong impression be made?!?!