Monday, February 7, 2011

What is exercise??

Wow, one post in January!!! I'm surprised if any of you will even read this!! I'm sure you've given up on my blog by now, but if not enjoy!!!:)

As I start another semester at Woodstock, which I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!, my attitude towards this semester is by far the most proactive one I've had so far!!!:) The first year here it was all about finding myself as a teacher and seeing what techniques work in the classroom; not to mention adapting to life in India and at Woodstock (which has turned out FANTASTICALLY!!!)!!!! Last semester was more about getting into basic routine; knowing what I needed to do to get ready and do it without being asked!! It was also exploring the wide world of Health as a health teacher, which was actually really, really fun!!!!!:) Now we come to the beginning of my 4th semester at Woodstock and this semesters theme is "Exercise!!!!!" I know my routine, I know and love life in India and Woodstock, now it's time to start bringing some personal changes and ideas to the table!!!!:) I am addicted and passionate about running, no surprise here!!!! It is time for students, those who want to, to find their passion for running (sprinting/long distance)!!! One way I know I will prevent myself from becoming stagnant at my job is really invest my time into the running club I am starting this semester!!! Also, to really put myself out there and help out those who want it in the fitness room!!! For some reason last semester I took a back seat and watched students do the same old routine day in and day out in the fitness room, and that's not who I am or want to be!!! I want to see student's doing new things every single day!! I want students coming up to me, begging me to stay after school and teach them a new shoulder workout, or ab routine!!! Following through for the students this semester is one of my ultimate goals as a teacher!! The more I put myself out there for them, the more they will respect what I have to teach them, both in the classroom and life outside of Woodstock!!! And the greatest thing about this new perspective this semester is I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) How many people can say, honestly, they go to their job every single day and are excited to see what new challenges await them!! That is what makes teaching so special!! EVERY SINGLE DAY is a new challenge or adventure!!! Yes, some may go day in and day out doing the same thing year in and year out, but who's fault is that!!! There are SO many methods to teaching, so many ideas to strive to get through to students with, why do the same old thing every year!!?!? You'll become such a bad teacher that way!!! Why?!? Because students will become turned off, because they see their teacher losing interest and "going through the motions with them!!!!" Creativity is a teachers best weapon!! And I am my most creative in the gym/fitness room!!!! It's my second home!!!!;)

In addition to motivating the students, the staff are also on my list of to do's!!!!!! A happy body makes a happy mind!!!!:) The more active we are as educators, the more energy we will have and the happier this school will become!!!! I think exercise is the most important part of life!!! The happiest people I see are the ones I run past in the mornings going for a walk!!!! 6am runs are by far the best!!!!:) Always welcoming with a smile and namaste!!!!!!:) That is why I'm so pumped to be a lot more involved with the staff this year in the fitness room!!! Especially those wanting to trek the Himalayas this summer!!! It's a WIN WIN situation really!!!! They get in shape and I get to help them get in shape and see the benefits hard work pays off!!!! Anyways what is exercise to me, a way of life!! A gateway to expressing myself in the simplest yet purest of forms!!!! A day starter and night ender!!!:) Exercise can only make you stronger both physically and mentally!!! Let the 6 months of training BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) Happy smiling and make it an ACTIVE 2011 PLANET EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)


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