Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just freakin do it!!!!!

Sometimes too much knowledge can hurt a person!!!! Case in point, I'm trying to OVER think my training plan for this upcoming marathon season!!! I'm trying to think of the most intricate exercises on what days, when really I just need to go out, run, do my thing in the fitness room and continue for 4 1/2 months!!!!! Why is it that we try and over think things way too often?? When teaching, don't we try and teach in a way that is the most simple to understand for the student's sake, and our own!!! Yet, in everyday life we find ourselves trying to do more than we actually need to do!!!!! Just go out and freakin do it!!!!!!!!! You want student's to be active get them hooked on something they are interested in, it's NOT THAT HARD to figure out!!!!!!! Yet, we try and find all of these sources and different teaching methods to formulate a lesson that can be done just as well with enthusiasm, hands-on activity and passion from the teacher!!!! I know students get WAY more involved if they see the teacher truly loving what they do!!! Just like I LOVE freakin running when all I think about is doing a certain number of miles that day, some cross training routine in the fitness room and teach the heck out of the day!!! So like I said before JUST FREAKIN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!:) Life is made to be simple and to the point, so go out there make it simple and to the point!!!!! We're become a society of too many road blocks and "what if" scenarios!!! Obesity is a problem and yet we overlook the most SIMPLE answer: THROW AWAY THE TV AND GET YOUR KIDS OUTSIDE!!!! Yes, I fight for PE in the schools, but do you honestly think 40 minutes, 2-3 times a week will make a difference in a student's sedentary lifestyle outside of school?? NO!!!! There has to be some point in which parents, both blood and dorm (if boarding), get their "kids" motivated to take part in an active lifestyle!!! Playgrounds, baseball fields, hockey rinks, backyards, sandboxes, etc. are all becoming extinct in a child's life!!! Why?? Because technology has taken over!! Yeah good for the Wii, they're making games where kids don't sit on the ground to play video games, they have to stand!!! Wow, that is pretty active.......lame!!!! Are they getting outside and getting dirty, breaking arms and being tough?? No!!! This next generation for the FIRST TIME is predicted to have a SHORTER life expectancy than their parents!!! That hasn't happened since the CIVIL freakin WAR era!!! And yes this is the USA I am primarily talking about, but I'm pretty sure other nations as well are catching up!!! The once active lifestyle of today's youth is sadly being taken away by computer games and video games!!!! It's going to be a painful "We (PE teachers) told you so" in about 20 years when people are too fat to even get around via walking, they need their segway's to get from their office desk to the copier!!! Operation "Fat Universe" is a go in 20 years, let this be a warning to all!!!!!!!!!! That is unless we JUST FREAKIN DO IT and be active!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I truly believe everyone should have achievable active goals EVERY month, not only to stay in shape but stay motivated!!!!!!!! Okay new thought!!!!!!!


STARTING TOMORROW (MONDAY) I CHALLENGE YOU TO SIT DOWN AND THINK OF 3 ACTIVE GOALS FOR THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY!!!!!!!!!!! Then when March comes around 3 NEW, HARDER GOALS for the month of March!!!!!!!!! THEN April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and finishing with December!!!!!!! Then looking back at your year, see where you are in activity and overall health!!!!! New Year Resolutions fail because people don't know how to set realistic goals, AND don't know how to achieve their goals!!! These 3 goals you are setting should be something attainable and measurable!!! Walk 30 minutes everyday this month!! BAM 1 goal!! OR train for a 5k by looking online for a training program and sticking with it!!! BAM 2 goals!!!! So blogger world, let's reach our goals together!!!! Here will be my 3 active goals for the month of February and come March 1st I will blog if I reached them or not, THEN set 3 new goals, as well as you too!!!!!!

Goal 1: run at least 30 miles a week
Goal 2: 200 push-ups a day this week, 250 next week, and 300 by the end of February
Goal 3: at least a 2 hour hike every Saturday this month!!

There are my 3, what are your 3?!?!?! GET ACTIVE AND JUST FREAKIN DO IT........... PLANET EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) TOGETHER WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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