Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Monday....5:45pm.....the next years are now changed forever....

So it was a normal Monday at the school of Woodstock, nothing exciting happening at all.....NOT!!!! It was only the BIGGEST DAY IN THE HISTORY OF DAYS AT WOODSTOCK!!!! Well for 2 of my very close friends that is!!! They shall remain nameless for the duration of this post!!! Anyways it's Monday morning and at the breakfast table Nicole (oooops that one slipped, okay from now on it's annonymous!!) reminded me that TODAY was the day they were going to find out if they were staying for the next 2 years or leaving Woodstock after this year!!! Needless to say I had the balloons ready and streamers (toilet paper) ready to be flying when they met with our principal!!! Cause from the way they were talking over the weekend and last week it was looking up!! WELL lunch time comes and the energy is still there, wondering....waiting.....asking WELL WELL WELL anything yet?!?! Apparently they haven't talked to him yet, sooooo back to the waiting game!! 5th and 6th period go by and again NOTHING!!! No word from them!! No Nicole or Chris running up to the gym to tell me they are staying like I asked them too when they found out!! NOW getting a little confused and worried!! What the heck is going on!?!? I had to ref basketball that night from 4-6 and it was during that time I was on the court a very important e-mail was sent to me at 5:45pm!!! I get done reffing at 6 and get ready for staff night!! STILL no word from Nicole or Chris via person to person contact!! I sit down at my desk, open up my e-mail and there it is......."the message." I WAS sitting up in my chair, and in a matter of seconds I drooped down back into it and just sat there for a couple of minutes, staring at my computer and that e-mail.  "Meeting didn't go as planned....very shocked....not returning." Couldn't believe my eyes.  I thought this was a horrible dream and going through the stages of "people not returning to Woodstock" first one was denial!! I knew I have played my fair share of pranks and lies on Nicole over the days so I was thinking, hey what's a perfect way to get someone back, fake they're leaving!! So I respond thinking this is one SERIOUSLY EVIL joke!! Well staff night continues, I check my e-mail periodically throughout the night and no word from Nicole!! Now it's beginning to set in. This is no joke anymore, this is the real deal. I close the gym for the night, say my goodbye's to Balbil (our helper) and walk home. This was the LONGEST walk home ever. Of course I planned to stop by the Farley's to see what was up, but I knocked on their door several times and nothing. I figured they were probably skyping family in their bedroom or over at Megan/Jennie's!! I had my I-pod playing when I left their place and sure enough the song that came on at that EXACT moment as I was leaving was: "Silent Night" by Bon Jovi!! GREAT SONG......HORRIBLE TIMING!! These are some of the words sung by the Bon man: "...when the sun appears. And there's nothing left but goodbye's, we'll just turn and walk away. How could we let it end like this. Just turn and walk away." I was like seriously!! I hate you random shuffle on I-pod!! So that cheered me up BIG time!! I get home, sit on my couch, and stare at the wall with no emotion, blank stare, and just don't know what to think! The first feelings I felt was there goes family!! Second thought was holy crap how must Nicole and Chris be feeling right now! No good! Then won't lie started to hold back the tears a little. Finally I forced myself to pee so I couldn't produce any tears, which p.s. doesn't work at all!! I guess you need to not drink water for a day straight to not cry, cause that didn't work one bit! Stupid urine not being related to tears!! Plus side, I didn't have to pee the rest of the night!! But seriously Nicole and Chris wherever you are (okay I just had to say that cause don't you usually say that about someone you're going to miss, even though I know exactly where you are which is at home probably sleeping!!) you two are the best!! Laundry night next year won't be the same at all, probably non-existent, and everyone else I truly apologize for the horrid smell produced!! Blame Nicole and Chris!!;) And the 5th grade musical will completely be lame and way off key next year!! Might just have to turn it into a silent action musical!! With the star named (of course) BROCK HARDABS!!! That's right!! You see what you're missing!!:) Well that is enough Debby Downer, I promised you guys nothing BUT happy smiles until the very last day of school, then let the depression begin!! Until then this is going to be an AWESOME AMAZING 3 MONTHS!!!! Oh and for the record Grizzly Adams did have a beard!!!! GOOOOODNIGHT AND GOODLUCK!!!!:)


  1. :) I like you, and you're a good friend. :) And have no fear...TRAVEL IS IN OUR FUTURE!!!!!

  2. OH IT BEST BE!!!! And it's going to be awesome to make a little pit stop in Iowa and actually KNOW people there, instead of driving through it like always or getting a job at UNI!!:) Also, I know you Iowans are huge in mini golf, are any open in December?!?