Saturday, August 20, 2011

Been a while here!!

A friend told me, hey update your blog!!! I suppose it's been a while since I've updated it!!! I'm married!!! I don't know what I blogged about last time, don't really look back at old blogs a lot anymore!!! Currently watching Rocky III (that's right, in India!!), continuing motivation for New Delhi Half Marathon in end of November!!! Goal this time will be Top 75, and it won't be easy!!!! It seems everything in life right now isn't easy!! Everything you need to work your butt off!! But that wouldn't be life right?? What would life be like if it's easy, very boring and stagnant!! But it would be nice to catch a break every once in a while! Fall semester, in the beginning at least, always seems so chaotic and hectic crazy busy!! Training in the morning, teaching 5 out of 6 periods a day, cross country practice (if not raining) after school, then trying to spend time with Shubhra, which that isn't even easy to do, since there's no prep during the day so all planning has to happen after school!! Then on the weekends trying to start a Saturday morning fitness program for the kids who want to get some personal training and guidance in the fitness room!! I have one heck of a wife to put up with the busy-ness and crazyness that is my schedule!!! That's why I love her!!!:) As for school starting, it's started and man has it taken off!!! It is true when people say 1st year you are adjusting to a new school, 2nd year you kind of got the hang of things but are still trying to figure out your routine, 3rd year it's the golden year!! 3rd times a charm!!!:) I know the system, my lessons are more easier to prepare, and knowing the main core of the students who've been with me all 3 years are so fun to teach!!!!!!!!!:) Not this shy, new teacher vibe, but this veteran inside joke make fun of the new haircut how's the family type of vibe!!!!!!!!! And it helps that the student's at Woodstock are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!:):):):) Oh and not to mention Woodstock itself for another year has been voted #1 International School in all of India!!!!!! BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):) Mainly because of our rocking PE department!!! No big deal!!!!!!!!!!;) But we're kinda a big deal!!!!!!!!! Well that's about it for now!!! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave a great day blogging world!!!!!


  1. I miss you. :( You should blog more... :( But I guess I can't talk, 'cause I haven't blogged for 3 weeks, but still! :( I guess you're married, so we'll cut you some slack. :) AND you work at Woodstock, so double slack. :) I hope you're good friend!

  2. STEVE!!!!!! Its Kyle Meyer from Lacrossee!! Hows India! And do you plan on coming back ?!?!