Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Year #2 in India begins in 2 days!!!!

In 2 days (July 15th) it will be EXACTLY 1 year since I left for India and started this whole new adventure I call life!!! And how will I always know that date, cause its the freakin day after my birthday!! Ooooooooh Happy Birthday Steve, now BUH BYE have fun in India!!! See you in 1 1/2 years!!! Yeah that was special!!!:) Okay yes I brought that one on myself choosing to go to India!! So many memories, experiences, life changing events have happened this past year, ending with the most depressing, which was today!!! Today at 7:18pm (it was around that time, a more exact odd time always sounds better and more powerful!!) the Farley's left India for good, or most hopefully just a long vacation in the states!!! There are so many friends and close friends I have made this year here at Woodstock, but without a doubt Nicole and Chris are the closest I have!! Laundry/SVU nights!! Catch up on The Office nights!! Or just chill and play cards!! Whatever it was it felt like family for me, which coming over to India all alone was a blessing in disguise!!:) Nothing can ever replace true family back at home, but to have one over here and back home is freakin amazing!!! And to see them leave today, knowing they won't be here first day of school to start another year at Woodstock is starting to finally sink in.  Luckily the goodbye today was upbeat and not full of tears, seeing we'll see each other in 6 months, but deep down there was plenty of sadness!! All in all Iowa is very lucky to be getting them back and Woodstock is very unfortunate to lose such positiveness and brightness with these two!! You guys know I wish you all the best, and for what its worth thanks for such a wonderful year in India!!!!!!:) Love you guys and all the best in IRELAND and Iowa!!!! SEE YOU IN 6 MONTHS!!!

As for Year #2 in India............ BRING IT ON BABY!!!!!!!!!!!! We will finally have somewhat of a strong PE department with Lauren coming this year, 4 would be ideal, but 3 aint too shabby!!!!! Feeling the groove now so I can focus on improving my teaching and adding some more creativity to it!! AND GOING TO TEACH HEALTH!!!!!!!! OH YES HEALTH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!:) Going to go out in the buz and buy me some suit and ties!!!! This PE teacher is going to look professional in a classroom setting!!! Well for the first week, then I'll realize WOW monsoon season is WAY too humid and sticky to be wearing freakin suits in a classroom, and then go back to shorts and a nice polo/tie!!!!;) BUT for that first week CLASSY!!!!!:) Or as the French would say Le CLASSAY!!!! Well that's all for tonight, officially turned 25 during this post!! FREAKIN quarter of a century years old!!! HA bet that makes you feel old mom and dad!! In your face!!!!:)

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE-O! So sorry we left the day before your b-day...did you make it up to your place with all our crap by dark at least?! Thanks again...we had a good trip to Agra, and now are sitting in a hotel in Delhi, just biding our time 'til Ireland :) Miss you friend, start the updates soon! Any new staff yet???!!!